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Connecting with China: Business Success through Mutual Benefit and Respect



Connecting with China: Business Success through Mutual Benefit and Respect

Joan Turley

ISBN: 978-0-470-66242-7 April 2010 278 Pages

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If you are prepared to connect with China, it will make all the difference.

Joan Turley provides all the signposts and insights to help those working with China understand the value of relationships and the importance of people as the key elements in making business and everything else work. This extremely powerful book will unlock your ability to build working relationships with China, for mutual success.

"The book provides an invaluable reference for all businesses with any current or future interest of building a successful relationship with China. This is a topic that is as complicated and diffuse as the Chinese language itself and a reference such as this can save both time and money."
David Paice, Marketing Manager, Cathay Pacific

"Joan Turley's deep and delicate observation is really refreshing and practical and her understanding about China goes beyond my expectations. I believe Ms. Turley's new book will not only be welcomed by the British people but the Chinese people as well."
Dizun Chen, Director of the General Office, Liaoning Provincial Party Committee

"Joan Turley has great insight as well as ability to interpret different cultures for each other. Her knowledge is thorough as she has both academic and practical business experience of China. Her book has relevance both to the West and to China."
Mr Huo, President, North Media

"An indispensable handbook for developing successful UK/China business relationships. For an industry which thrives on ideas which turn customer understanding into commercial or social advantage, Joan's insights into Chinese culture and thinking are both instructive and relevant."
Janet Hull, Consultant Head, Marketing and Reputation Management, IPA

"The chapter on Law and Successful Relationships in China is a must for any lawyer wanting to do business in that part of the world."
Eifion Morris, Partner, Stephenson Harwood, Law Firm of the Year 2009

"An authoritative and informative insight into conducting business in China, from an original standpoint that gives practical advice to both those with existing business and those approaching the Chinese market for the first time."
Philip Moore, Asia-Pacific Manager, Andor Plc

"Turley has taken her vast experience in working closely with Chinese companies, government and individuals to deliver robust advice on developing strategic and long term business relationships through communication, relationship development and sound planning and research."
Barry Allaway, Managing Director, Worldwide Magazine Distribution

Joan Turley has enormous understanding working successfully with China. Pivotal to her success is the understanding that connectivity is the key to building relationships, and it is this that will ultimately determine your success in business culture. Connecting with China aims to facilitate a smooth path for all those at the brink of working with China, or who are already involved but need further guidance.

Understanding the forces that shape Chinese strategic thinking will only partially assist you in progressing up the very formal hierarchy which the Chinese use to codify relationships and signal degrees of trust and the will to cooperate. Full of insights, tools, techniques and tips this book provides invaluable lessons on how to build relationships, and how to channel Western skills into Chinese ways of working.

Acknowledgements ix

Introduction xiii

Context xvii

Part I 1

1 Emotional Foundations of the Chinese Character 3

2 China: Relationships as Business Model 11

3 Reflections on Chinese Values and Priorities 19

4 Communicating for Mutual Benefi t with China 41

5 What Matters to China 53

6 Business Culture in Detail 67

7 Past China Wisdom – Current Business Profi le 77

8 Getting Things Done 91

Part II 97

9 Accessing Business Support 99

10 Law and Relationships that Work in China 109

11 Attitudes as Strategy 123

12 The Practicalities of China Success 133

13 Getting Ready for China 137

14 Sustaining Success in China through Relationships: Andor – A Case Study 169

15 China – Your Essential Repair Kit 193

16 The Power of Connection for Success 203

17 China Speaks 213

18 Summary 237

19 China: Quick Reference Guide 241

Further Reading 247

Useful Websites 249

Index 251