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Conquer the Crash: You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression, 2nd Edition

Conquer the Crash: You Can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression, 2nd Edition

Robert R. Prechter Jr.

ISBN: 978-1-118-01158-4

Mar 2011

480 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Today's financial and economic tribulations were a long time in the making. Many people ask, "Why didn't someone see it coming?" A New York Times bestselling book did see it coming. Over 100,000 people read it in time to protect their wealth. The book foresaw and explained the collapse in home prices, plunge in stocks, subprime debacle, liquidity crisis, the demise of Fannie and Freddie, the Federal Reserve's failure to turn the trend, and lots more. The book was Robert Prechter?s Conquer the Crash, published in early 2002, when the Dow was above 10,000 and the financial world was partying around-the-clock.

Fast forward to today: the average U.S. homeowner has suffered a decline of 30% to 40% in property value. Stocks and commodities had their biggest fall since 1929-1932. Fannie Mae is a zombie corporation under the government?s protection. The Fed has pushed every button at its disposal (and then some), to no avail. If Prechter thought a whole new book would help, he'd have written one. But Conquer the Crash is a book-length forecast that's still coming true -- only some of the future has caught up with the specific predictions he published back then. There is much more to come. That means more danger, but also great opportunity. Conquer the Crash, 2nd edition offers you 188 new pages of vital information (480 pages total) plus all the original forecasts and recommendations that make the book more compelling and relevant than the day it published.

In every disaster, only a very few people prepare themselves beforehand. Think about investor enthusiasm in 2005-2008, and you'll realize it's true. Even fewer people will be ready for the soon-approaching, next leg down of the unfolding depression. In this 2nd edition, Prechter gives a warning he's never had to include in 30 years of publishing -- namely, that the doors to financial safety are closing all over the world. In other words, prudent people need to act while they can. Conquer the Crash, 2nd Edition readers will receive exclusive online access to the Conquer the Crash Readers Page, where Prechter continually updates the book's recommended services and institutions.

Foreword xxi


Part I: The Case for Crash and Depression

1: A Myth Exposed 5

2: When Do Depressions Occur? 17

3: When Do Stock Markets Turn from Up to Down? 22

4: The Position of the Stock Market Today 32

5: Evidence from Stock Participation and Economic Performance 41

6: The Signifi cance of Historically High Stock Market Valuation 50

7: The Signifi cance of Historically Optimistic Psychology 63

8: Implications for the Stock Market and the Economy 78

Part II: The Case for Deflation

9: When Does Defl ation Occur? 87

10: Money, Credit and the Federal Reserve Banking System 96

11: What Makes Defl ation Likely Today? 105

12: Timing Deflations: The Kondratieff Cycle 113

13: Can the Fed Stop Defl ation? 121


14: Making Preparations and Taking Action 139

15: Should You Invest in Bonds? 143

16: Should You Invest in Real Estate? 151

17: Should You Invest in Collectibles? 158

18: Should You Invest in "Cash"? 161

19: How To Find a Safe Bank 175

20: Should You Speculate in Stocks? 189

21: Should You Invest in Commodities? 201

22: Should You Invest in Precious Metals? 206

23: What To Do With Your Pension Plan 216

24: What To Do With Your Insurance and Annuities 219

25: Reliable Sources for Financial Warnings 224

26: How To Ensure Your Physical Safety 229

27: Preparing for a Change in Politics 235

28: How To Identify a Safe Haven 241

29: Calling in Loans and Paying Off Debt 245

30: What You Should Do If You Run a Business 248

31: What You Should Do with Respect to Your Employment 250

32: Should You Rely on Government To Protect You? 252

33: A Short List of Imperative "Do's" and Crucial "Don'ts" 258

34: What To Do at the Bottom of a Defl ationary Crash and Depression 261

Book Three

Added for the 2009 edition

Appendix A: Added Services & Updated Contact Information 269

Appendix B: Updated U.S. Banks, Insurers and Money Market Funds 291

Appendix C: Elliott Wave Theorist Market Commentary, 2003-2007 303

Appendix D: Elliott Wave Theorist Defl ation Commentary, 2003-2007 363

Appendix E: Full Circle 441

Media and Misc. References 451