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Construction Partnering and Integrated Teamworking



Construction Partnering and Integrated Teamworking

Gill Thomas, Mike Thomas

ISBN: 978-1-405-13556-6 September 2005 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages


‘As long as government continues to push collaborative working and best value, partnering will be in vogue’

If you are implementing partnering in your organisation and don’t know where to start, this book covers everything you’ll need - explaining all aspects of the partnering relationship from scratch.

Construction Partnering & Integrated Teamworking provides information and instruction on the full range of topics in sufficient depth and tells you:

  • how to do it
  • the tools you’ll need
  • the pitfalls to avoid.

With its accessible and practical approach, Construction Partnering & Integrated Teamworking trains you in the essential elements of partnering.

The authors

Since setting up Mike Thomas Ltd in 1997, Gill and Mike Thomas have facilitated more than 400 project and strategic team workshops including partnering, value and risk management, post-project reviews, team-building and best practice training.


Chapter 1: The Culture Change.

Chapter 2: Identifying the oorganisations’ Value Criteria.

Chapter 3: Partnering Advisers and Facilitators.

Chapter 4: Internal Partnering and Managing Change.

Chapter 5: Selection Criteria and Weighting.

Chapter 6: Selecting Supplier Partners.

Chapter 7: Writing Effective Partnering Documentation.

Chapter 8: Evaluating Client Partners.

Chapter 9: Submitting Successful Partnering Bids.

Chapter 10: Assessment, Evaluation and Award.

Chapter 11: Developing the Integrated Team.

Chapter 12: Trust.

Chapter 13: Respect For People.

Chapter 14: Communication.

Chapter 15: Non-Technical Team Roles.

Chapter 16: Mutual Objectives.

Chapter 17: Issue Resolution.

Chapter 18: Partnering Champions and the Core Groups.

Chapter 19: Continuous improvement.

Chapter 20: Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators.

Chapter 21: A Programme Of Partnering and Integrated Team Workshops.

Chapter 22: Initial Partnering Workshop.

Chapter 23: Continuous Improvement Review.

Chapter 24: Post-project Review.

Chapter 25: Value Management.

Chapter 26: Risk Management.

Chapter 27: Lean Thinking.

Chapter 28: COLA – The Cross Organisational Learning Approach.

Chapter 29: Implementing Best Value.

Chapter 30: Sustainability.

Chapter 31: Whole Life Costing.

Chapter 32: Innovation.

Chapter 33: Open book accounting.

Chapter 34: Incentives and Award.

Chapter 35: Partnering Contracts.

Chapter 36: Involving Interested Parties and Inducting New Staff.

Chapter 37: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Partnering.

Chapter 38: Icebreakers and Team Building Exercises.



'It offers a straightforward, clear, and practical account of how to establish and maintain partnering and intergrated teamworking relationships.'

CME Dec 2006

  • an accessive and practical implementation guide
  • meets the needs of managers getting to grips with partnering
  • addresses all the issues within project and strategic partnering relationships