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Construction of Prestressed Concrete Structures, 2nd Edition

Construction of Prestressed Concrete Structures, 2nd Edition

Ben C. Gerwick Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-471-18113-2

Feb 1997

616 pages

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Methods and practices for constructing sophisticated prestressed concrete structures.

Construction of Prestressed Concrete Structures, Second Edition, provides the engineer or construction contractor with a complete guide to the design and construction of modern, high-quality concrete structures. This highly practicable new edition of Ben C. Gerwick's classic guide is expanded and almost entirely rewritten to reflect the dramatic developments in materials and techniques that have occurred over the past two decades.

The first of the book's two sections deals with materials and techniques for prestressed concrete, including the latest recipes for high-strength and durable concrete mixes, new reinforcing materials and their placement patterns, modern prestressing systems, and special techniques such as lightweight concrete and composite construction. The second section covers application to buildings; bridges; pilings; and marine structures, including offshore platforms, floating structures, tanks, and containments. Special subjects such as cracking and corrosion, repair and strengthening of existing structures, and construction in remote areas are presented in the final chapters.

For engineers and construction contractors involved in any type of prestressed concrete construction, this book enables the effective implementation of advanced structural concepts and their economical and reliable translation into practice.
Partial table of contents:


Materials for Prestressed Concrete.

Prestressing Systems.

Special Techniques.


Posttensioning Technology.

Architectural Prestressed Concrete.



Prestressed Concrete Piling.

Prestressed Concrete Bridges.

Prestressed Concrete Marine Structures.

Prestressed Concrete Floating Structures.

Prestressed Concrete Tanks.

Pipes, Penstocks, and Aqueducts.

Railroad Ties (Sleepers).

Road and Airfield Pavements.

Machinery Structures.

Towers and Special Structures.

Maintenance, Repair, and Strengthening of Existing Structures.

Prestressed Concrete--Implications and Prospects.


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