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Constructions: An Experimental Approach to Intensely Local Architectures



Constructions: An Experimental Approach to Intensely Local Architectures

Michael Hensel, Christian Hermansen Cordua

ISBN: 978-1-118-70057-0 May 2015 144 Pages


The current trend for constructing experimental structures is now an international phenomenon. It has been taken up worldwide by design professionals, researchers, educators and students alike. There exist, however, distinct and significant tendencies within this development that require further investigation. This issue of AD takes on this task by examining one of the most promising trajectories in this area, the rise of intensely local architectures. In his seminal essay of 1983, Kenneth Frampton redefined Critical Regionalism by calling for an intensely local approach to architectural design. Today, Frampton’s legacy is regaining relevance for a specific body of work in practice and education focused on the construction of experimental structures. Could this ultimately provide the seeds for a compelling and alternative approach to sustainable design?

Contributors include: Barbara Ascher, Peter Buchanan, Karl Otto Ellefsen, David Jolly Monge, Lisbet Harboe, David Leatherbarrow, Areti Markopoulou, Philip Nobel, Rodrigo Rubio, Søren S Sørensen, Defne Sunguroðlu Hensel.

Featured practices: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Rintala Eggertsson, SHoP, Studio Mumbai, TYIN tegnestue.

Editorial 05
Helen Castle

About the Guest-Editors 06
Michael Hensel and Christian Hermansen Cordua

Introduction Relating Perceptions of Constructions, Experimental and Local 08
Michael Hensel and Christian Hermansen Cordua

Chapter 1 Past and Present Trajectories of Experimental Architectures 16
Michael Hensel and Christian Hermansen Cordua

Chapter 2 Building In and Out of Place 24
David Leatherbarrow

Chapter 3 The Bauhaus: Case Study Experiments in Education 30
Barbara Elisabeth Ascher

Chapter 4 The Open City and the e[ad] School of Architecture and Design 34
Christian Hermansen Cordua, David Jolly Monge and Michael Hensel

Chapter 5 Incarnations of a Design-and-Build Programme: Rural Studio 40
Michael Hensel

Chapter 6 Architecture by Latitude and Locality: The Scarcity and Creativity Studio 48
Michael Hensel and Christian Hermansen Cordua

Chapter 7 In Search of Context: Working with the Force of Erasure: Koshirakura Landscape Workshop 58
Shin Egashira

Chapter 8 Detoured Installations: The Policies and Architecture of the Norwegian National Tourist Routes Project 64
Karl Otto Ellefsen

Chapter 9 Conviction Into Tectonics: The Work of Rintala Eggertsson 76
Christian Hermansen Cordua

Chapter 10 Integrating On-Site Education and Practice: TYIN tegnestue Architects 82
Lisbet Harboe

Chapter 11 Renzo Piano: Poet of Technology 88
Peter Buchanan

Chapter 12 The Practice of Making: Studio Mumbai 94
Michael Hensel

Chapter 13 The Builder’s Name: SHoP and the Ethics of Knowledge Transfer 102
Philip Nobel

Chapter 14 Informed Non-Standard: En Route to Non-Standard Performative Architectures 110
Søren S Sørensen

Chapter 15 Auxiliary Architectures: Augmenting Existing Architectures with Performative Capacities 116
Chapter 16 Nested Catenaries: A Developmental Route to Local Specificity 120
Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel and Guillem Baraut Bover

Chapter 17 Smart Living Architecture – Solar Prototypes: IAAC, Endesa Pavilion, Barcelona 128
Areti Markopoulou and Rodrigo Rubio

Chapter 18 Outlook: En Route to Intensely Local Architectures and Tectonics 132
Michael Hensel and Christian Hermansen Cordua

Chapter 19 Counterpoint Sustaining the Local: An Alternative Approach to Sustainable Design 136
Terri Peters

Contributors 142