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Consulting on the Side: How to Start a Part-Time Consulting Business While Still Working at Your Full-Time Job



Consulting on the Side: How to Start a Part-Time Consulting Business While Still Working at Your Full-Time Job

Mary F. Cook

ISBN: 978-0-471-12029-2 April 1996 242 Pages


Build a thriving business while holding down a full-time job.

Do you yearn to strike out on your own, take charge of yourdestiny, and create a better, more independent lifestyle foryourself? Read this book and learn how to start your consultingbusiness while you still have the security of a regular job.

Consulting on the Side is for the professional who longs forindependence but can't simply walk away from a steady paycheck andcompany health benefits. Successful consultant and business authorMary F. Cook shows you how to build a thriving consulting practicegradually, without leaving your full-time job. Drawing upon her ownexperiences and those of others who established successfulconsulting practices on the side, she covers all the bases andoffers sound, practical advice on everything from logistics tofinances, ethics to personal issues. You'll learn how to:
* Build a healthy client base while working a 9-to-5 job
* Market your services effectively without spending a fortune
* Respond to outside clients while staying productive at yourcurrent job
* Set fees and negotiate contracts
* Handle non-compete agreements and conflict-of-interest issues
* Develop an accounting/financial system that keeps your personaland business finances separate
* Set up and run a home office
* Learn to handle the stress of working two jobs
* Know when the time is right to quit your job and become afull-time consultant

Consulting on the Side helps you realize your dreams of financialindependence without gambling with the job security you've workedso hard for.
Getting Started.

Handling the Logistics of Balancing Two Jobs.

The Ethics of Consulting on the Side.

Identifying Your Best Area for Consulting.

Financial Analysis and Fee Setting.

Sources of Money to Start Your Business.

Starting Your Business at Home.

Developing Marketing and Sales Strategies.

Reviewing Legal, Accounting, Insurance, and Tax Issues.

Handling the Logistics of Being a Part-Time Consultant.

Knowing When to Quit Your Full-Time Job.