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Contaminants in Food

Contaminants in Food

Muhammad A. Ashraf

ISBN: 978-1-119-12531-0

Mar 2020

400 pages

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Recently, new food contaminants (together with their older counterparts) have emerged as a huge problem worldwide, affecting peoples’ daily lives in previously unforeseen ways. These contaminants are often associated with the use of pharmaceuticals, additives, personal care products, or contaminated water, and are also due to the production of certain undesirable by-products during disinfection processes. For a better understanding of these emerging food safety risks, we must look for their root cause, toxicological impact, related incidence, safety measurements, and detection methods, in order to modulate safe future protocols and overcome these food contaminants. In this book, the subject of food contaminants, including their identification and classification, will be examined. Organic/inorganic, microbial and other sources of contaminants which can result in foodborne diseases will also be discussed, as will food and feed safety methods and regulation protocols.