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Contemporary British Society, 3rd Edition, Completely Revised and Updated



Contemporary British Society, 3rd Edition, Completely Revised and Updated


The third edition of the highly-acclaimed Contemporary British Society is the only textbook to provide comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the social structure of modern Britain. Completely revised and updated, this new edition employs the very latest statistical information and empirical studies, and examines all the new arguments and debates concerning modern British society.

Separate chapters explore the major areas of modern life in Britain - economic organization, employment, patterns of inequality, class, gender, ethnicity, family and households, education, health, media, deviance and politics. New to this edition are chapters on globalization, associations, and leisure.

The emphasis throughout the book is on an accessible, user-friendly, and non-technical approach. It is written in a jargon-free and approachable style; there is extensive cross-referencing and frequent and clear summarizing of arguments; and numerous photographs, diagrams, graphs, drawings and cartoons complement and illuminate the text.

Contemporary British Society is written for students of introductory sociology whether they are taking 'A' level or are in the first year of an undergraduate course in a higher education institution. It will also be useful for those taking courses in other subjects, such as social policy, health and town planning, which demand knowledge of particular aspects of British society.

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List of Plates.

1. Introduction.

2. Globalization.

3. Economic Organization.

4. Employment.

5. Patterns of Inequality and Social Mobility.

6. Social Classes.

7. Gender.

8. Ethnicity and Racism.

9. Families and Households.

10. Associations.

11. Leisure.

12. The Media.

13. The State and Politics.

14. Education.

15. Health.

16. Deviance, Crime and Control.




'The combination of theoretical sophistication and up-to-date empirical evidence makes this new edition of this highly successful textbook valuable to students and their teachers alike.' Professor Rosemary Crompton, City University

'The first two editions have established this as clearly the outstanding textbook on contemporary Britain. The third edition consolidates and advances this reputation. This book is highly readable and comprehensive in its coverage, and it makes such wide reference to recent research that it will be of interest not only to students but also to lecturers, researchers, and even the general public. This is an exemplary textbook in every respect.' Professor Mike Savage, Department of Sociology, Manchester University

'This is an admirable introduction to sociology and the understanding of contemporary British society. The authors have maintained the clarity and incisiveness of earlier editions while substantially revising the content. It provides a comprehensive coverage of developments in sociology and society over the last decade.' Stephen Hill, Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics

'Now in its 3rd edition, Contemporary British Society is starting to take-on the appearance of a standard A-level textbook, with many of the major specification areas now covered. The focus, however, is less upon superficial coverage of numerous topics and more upon the comprehensive coverage of a range of significant aspects of each specification area, written by a specialist in each field ... the book contains a mass of illustrative material (tables, diagrams, box-outs) that lightens the text and provides potentially useful interpretive material for teachers.' Sociology Central

'As cogent and accessible an account of the social structure of a particular modern society as could be required.' Times Higher Education Supplement

* Completely re-written third edition of an established and well-known textbook.

* Comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the social structure of contemporary British society.

* Clear, jargon-free and approachable style.

* Attractive and varied presentation.

* Cross-referenced to accompanying new Reader.