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Contemporary Business, 17th Edition



Contemporary Business, 17th Edition

Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz, Susan Berston

ISBN: 978-1-119-32038-8 October 2016

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Boone, Kurtz, and Berston’s, Contemporary Business, 17th Edition, delivers solutions at the speed of business to stimulate curiosity, show relevance, promote creativity, and prepare students for what’s ahead in their academic and business careers. With thoroughly revised cases, fresh, current examples, and an updated video series, the 17th Edition provides insights into the many facets of business that contribute to the dynamic, ever changing world of work.

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2: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

3: Economic Challenges Facing Contemporary Business

4: Competing in World Markets

5: Forms of Business Ownership and Organization

6: Starting Your Own Business: The Entrepreneurship Alternative

7: Management, Leadership, and the Internal Organization

8: Human Resource Management: From Recruitment to Labor Relations

9: Top Performance through Empowerment, Teamwork, and Communication

10: Production and Operations Management

11: Customer-Driven Marketing

12: Product and Distribution Strategies

13: Promotion and Pricing Strategies

14: Using Technology to Manage Information

15: Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements

16: The Financial System 

17: Financial Management 

18: Trends in E-Business(Online Only)

  • NEW Job DNA boxes describe the responsibilities, requirements, and outlook for certain careers for business majors. Examples: fundraiser, corporate communications specialist, marketing researcher, accountant, investment banker, etc.
  • NEW Industry Insider chapter opening vignette highlights business leaders within growth industries.
  • NEW EcoBiz feature highlights new and insightful ways companies are conducting business in a sustainable manner.
  • NEW Business & Information Technology feature highlights the intersection between business and technology for companies across many industries.
  • NEW Judgement Call feature highlights business scenarios and ethical dilemmans where students are asked to consider what is appropriate.
  • Revised End of Chapter cases – Shinola, Yelp. SoFi, Heinz-Kraft merger, and tax implications for the internet of things.
  • Revised End of Chapter case videos – Timberland, Necco, Zipcar, Trip Advisor
  • Increased Focus on Career-Readiness – the addition of Job DNA boxes, career-coaching videos, InsideTrack, CareerShift, and an ePortfolio guide equips students for important decisions.

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