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Contemporary Business, 18th Edition



Contemporary Business, 18th Edition

Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz, Susan Berston

ISBN: 978-1-119-49811-7 February 2019 672 Pages

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Contemporary Business, 18th Edition, is a student friendly, engaging product designed to attract students to the field of business. Boone 18e offers a comprehensive approach to the material that will cater to a wide variety of students with different learning needs. Up-to-date content is vital to any Intro to Business course and Boone 18e with its contemporary style, wealth of new examples, and hot business topics can deliver that currency.

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1. The Changing Face of Business
2. Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
3. Economic Challenges Facing Business Today
4. Competing in World Markets
5. Forms of Business Ownership and Organization
6. Starting Your Own Business: The Entrepreneurship Alternative
7. Management, Leadership, and the Internal Organization
8. Human Resource Management: From Recruitment to Labor Relations
9. Top Performance Through Empowerment, Teamwork, and Communication
10. Production and Operations Management
11. Customer-Driven Marketing
12. Product and Distribution Strategies
13. Promotion and Pricing Strategies
14. Using Technology to Manage Information
15. Understanding Accounting and Financial Statements
16. The Financial System
17. Financial Management
18. Trends in E-Commerce
A. Business Law
B. Insurance and Risk Management
C. Personal Financial Planning
D. Developing a Business Plan
E. Careers in Business Today
F. Launching Your Career

High Quality Videos: author LO videos and chapter summary author videos are just some of the videos available for each chapter in WileyPLUS.

Updated examples: new pedagogy throughout the course keeps it up to date and relevant to students. Vignettes and features such as “Changemaker,” “Business and Technology,” have updated and current information regarding real business professionals and scenarios meant to promote critical thinking in students.

Business Hot Topics: chapter length coverage of emerging business topics keep students apprised of what is happening in the current world of business.

Available in the WileyPLUS course:

High quality, professionally developed videos: Author LO videos, chapter summary author videos, and author FAQ videos for each chapter are just some of the new videos included in this course.

Video Cases: These video cases allow students to apply concepts learned in the course to real-world and current business examples.

Career Centre Resources: Career Center Resources provide a variety of help to bridge the gap between the classroom and careers. Students will find career coaching videos, tools for creating an e-portfolio, and job/internship search resources.

Adaptive Practice: Adaptive Practice provides targeted and personalized opportunities for practice to effectively prepare for class or quizzes and exams.