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Contemporary Business, Canadian Edition

Contemporary Business, Canadian Edition

Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz, Michael H. Khan, Brahm Canzer

ISBN: 978-1-118-16173-9

Oct 2012

672 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Boone, Contemporary Business, 1st Canadian Edition, Contains the most important introductory business topics that give students the perspective they need to understand how a business works, whether it's a multinational company, or a single owner consulting firm.

Comprehensive, engaging, and offering the most current resources, Contemporary Business is based on the much-used 14th American edition which has been read by 2 million students. While still covering the traditional areas of an Intro to Business course, the text also takes a contemporary approach by bringing in recent real life examples that were suggested by our student contribution group, and that are interesting to first year university and college students. This text gives students the business language and study tools they need to feel confident in becoming successful business majors, and will get them excited about their future careers.

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  • Comprehensive Coverage:Contains the most important introductory business topics that give students the perspective they need to understand how a business works, whether it's a multinational company, or a single owner consulting firm.
  • Current: All of the examples and resources have been developed to help students and instructors understand and engage with the contemporary business world. Many examples were provided by a group of first-year students so the examples really speak to the interest of today’s student.
  • Contemporary: This text is designed for professors who wish to connect and keep the interest of their students by offering easily digestible chunked content. It contains more applied examples, and with more global connections, all delivered through research-based, new learning design technology.  The layout of the text is more appealing and the language is more conversational. 
  • Effective pedagogy:
    • Learning objectives: one for each main section/concept in the chapter
    • Inside Business opening vignettes – highlight real world business cases
    • Variety of feature boxes:
      • Going Green: highlights environmental issues in business
      • Hit and Miss: mini cases that highlight either successful or failed companies
      • Business Etiquette: tips to help students improve their professional experience
      • Solving an Ethical Controversy: highlights ethical issues in business
      • Accessible: Contemporary Business, Canadian Edition is written in a conversational style that has been thoroughly edited for plain language to ensure readability for all students, including students for whom English is their second language.


  • Assessment Check: keeps students on track in their learning process.
  • End of Chapter features:
    • Return to Inside Business summary of opening vignette with critical thinking questions.
    • Summary of Learning Objectives – summary of the key points in the chapter, organized around the learning objectives, and assessment check answers
    • Business Terms You Need to Know – key terms with page references
    • Review Questions
    • Projects and Teamwork Applications – great ideas for classroom or at home projects
    • Web Assignments
    • Case Studies
      • These will appear in Appendix A and can be used with a variety of chapters.
      • Some additional cases are provided in WileyPLUS
      • Video Cases
        • These will appear in Appendix B and can be used with a variety of chapters
  • Unique to Boone: Launching Your … Career – a professional development feature at the end of each Part including career assessment exercises
  • Business Weekly Updates: Stay up to date along with your students on the very latest in business news stories. Each week you will find links to new articles, video clips, business news stories, and so much more with discussion questions to elaborate on the stories in the classroom.
  • New Ethics Simulation Option: New suite of business and ethics simulations offered by Ethics-LX,, is available to be included at a special discounted rate.
  • Flashcard/Self-Study iPhone App: Students can now review chapter concepts and key terms on the go with the iPhone/iTouch flashcards app.