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Contemporary Cinema of Africa and the Diaspora

Anjali Prabhu

ISBN: 978-1-405-19304-7 June 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 272 Pages


Analyzing art house films from the African continent and the African diaspora, this book showcases a new generation of auteurs with African origins from political, aesthetic, and spectatorship perspectives.

  • Focuses on art house cinema and discusses commercial African cinema
  • Enlarges our understanding of African film to include thematic and aesthetic influence
  • Highlights aesthetic and political aspects including racial identity, women’s issues, and diaspora
  • Heavily illustrated with over 90 film stills
  • Features selected stills integral to the filmic analysis in full color
  • Moves beyond Western-oriented analytical paradigms

Acknowledgments ix

1 AfricaWatch: Parameters and Contexts 1

Part I Space 33

2 The Postcolonial City: Education of the Spectator in Harrikrisna Anenden's The Cathedral 35

3 Framing the City: Africanizing Viewer and Viewed through Angle, Distance, Genre, and Movement 55

Part II Character 77

4 Models of African Femininity 79

5 African Masculinity: "We Don't Need Another Hero" 113

6 Revolutionary Personhood: Revolutionize the Spectator, or Stop,Thief! 133

Part III Narrative 155

7 Documentary Film: Situating a Style 157

8 African Narration: Narration of Africa 172

9 Jean-Marie Teno: Creating an African Repertoire 187

10 Conclusion: Inside/Outside or How to Make a Film about Africa Today 216

Filmography 234

References 238

Glossary 246

Index 251