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Contemporary Design Theory: A Collection of Surveys

Contemporary Design Theory: A Collection of Surveys

Jeffrey H. Dinitz (Editor), Douglas R. Stinson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-53141-8 July 1992 656 Pages


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Foremost experts in their field have contributed articles resulting in a compilation of useful and timely surveys in this ever-expanding field. Each of these 12 original papers covers important aspects of design theory including several in areas that have not previously been surveyed. Also contains surveys updating earlier ones where research is particularly active.
Orthogonal Factorizations of Graphs (B. Alspach, et al.).

Conjugate-Orthogonal Latin Squares and Related Structures (F.Bennett & L. Zhu).

Directed and Mendelsohn Triple Systems (C. Colbourn & A.Rosa).

Room Squares and Related Designs (J. Dinitz & D.Stinson).

Steiner Quadruple Systems (A. Hartman & K. Phelps).

Difference Sets (D. Jungnickel).

Decomposition Into Cycles II: Cycle Systems (C. Lindner & C.Rodger).

Coverings and Packings (W. Mills & R. Mullin).

Colorings of Block Designs (A. Rosa & C. Colbourn).

Hadamard Matrices, Sequences, and Block Designs (J. Seberry &M. Yamada).

Large Sets of Disjoint Designs and Related Structures (L.Teirlinck).

One-Factorizations of Complete Graphs (W. Wallis).