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Contemporary Issues in Mental Health Nursing

Jonathon Lynch (Editor), Steve Trenoweth (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-06055-1 January 2009 328 Pages


Contemporary Issues in Mental Health Nursing provides a series of essays which critique and comment on the current standing of the profession and addresse some of the post prominent issues and themes in the field today.

Divided into three principal sections, this text first explores professional and political issues in mental health nursing, including change and developing practice, emotional labour and evidence-based practice. The second section looks at clinical issues such as primary mental health promotion, medication management, self-neglect, promoting recovery and multidisciplinary working. Section three focuses on risk and mental health nursing practice. A final chapter explores the future, highlighting areas of strength and matters which the profession is likely to be required to develop in the near future.

Offering thoughtful, critical coverage of some of the key issues, Contemporary Issues in Mental Health Nursing is a comprehensive and valuable text for all involved in mental health care

Foreword by Professor Peter Nolan.

Chapter 1. Contemporary Issues in Mental Health Nursing: An Introduction (Jonathon E. Lynch and Steve Trenoweth).


Chapter 2. Rebuilding Lives: A Critical Look at the Contemporary Role of the Mental Health Nurse (Steve Trenoweth and Anna Larter).

Chapter 3. User Involvement and the Micro-Politics of Mental Health Care (Philip Kemp).

Chapter 4. Compassion (Jonathon E. Lynch and Steve Trenoweth).

Chapter 5. The Implications of Values-Based Practice in Mental Health Nursing (Ian Price).

Chapter 6. Truth, Uncertainty and the Mental Health Nurse (Steve Trenoweth and Ian Price).

Chapter 7. Where is Your Evidence? Broadening the Scope of Professional Knowledge (Peter Harper and Simon Jones).

Chapter 8. Challenging Stigma and Promoting Social Justice (Carlyle London and Angela Scriven).

Chapter 9. Homophobia in Mental Health Services (Andrew Thornton).


Chapter 10. The Meaning of Recovery ( James Matthews).

Chapter 11. Supporting Recovery: Medication Management in Mental Health Care ( Joanna Bennett).

Chapter 12. Co-Morbidity in Physical and Mental Ill Health (Helen Robson, Carl Margereson and Steve Trenoweth).

Chapter 13. Physical Illness: Promoting Effective Coping in Clients with Co-Morbidity (Carl Margereson).

Chapter 14. Responding to the Needs of Younger People: The Bereaved Adolescent (Yvonne Dexter).

Chapter 15. Enhancing Effective Multidisciplinary Team-Working: A Psychoeducational Approach ( John Cordwell and Lee Bradley).


Chapter 16. A Systemic Approach to Violence Risk Assessment and Management (Charlie McGrory and Steve Trenoweth).

Chapter 17 No Euphemisms: The Use of Force in Mental Health Care ( Jonathon E. Lynch).

Chapter 18. The Psychological Impact of Restraint: Examining the Aftermath for Staff and Patients (Gwen Bonner).

Chapter 19. Masculinity as a Risk Variable in Physical and Mental Ill Health (Steve Trenoweth and Jonathon E. Lynch).

Chapter 20. Some Considerations for Mental Health Practitioners Working With Patients Who Self-Neglect ( James Matthews and Steve Trenoweth).

Chapter 21 The Future of Mental Health Nursing (Steve Trenoweth, Jonathon E. Lynch and Peter Nolan).



Provides a unique balance of theory and practice