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Content Production Technologies



Content Production Technologies

Fumio Hasegawa (Editor), Harou Hiki (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-86522-4 August 2005 214 Pages


We are currently in a digital content era.  With the increase in circulation of multimedia content globally via the internet it has lead to the need for reuse of content stored in archives; the utilisation of newly stored materials; partially finished broadcasting programmes and finished content.  This book proposes to show solutions to these numerous content issues.  It will discuss large scale archives for significant content and a retrieval method for large scale archives and remote editing.  The book will also examine the protection of intellectual property rights, which is one of the most important issues facing content owners. 
  • Examines the design and implementation of a practical digital content production system
  • Proposes to show solutions to various content issues
  • Covers various retrieval methods for large-scale archives using MPEG-1 streaming technology and remote editing using an original time code
  • Discusses large-scale video archive systems which will enable high speed retrieval and edit functions for large amounts of video data with multi-purpose applications

A resource that all broadcast engineers, systems integrators and engineers for equipment manufacturers will find invaluable.
The thorough approach to this topic ensures that this title will become the standard reference for R&D specialists in content production and digital archiving.


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1. What is a Large-scale Archive?

2. Content Production from Digital Archives.

3. Archive-correlated Technology Standards.

4. Experiment for Content Production with Content ID and MPEG-7.

5. New Content Production  and Distribution Environment.

6. Recap and the Future.

7. Utilization and Systematization of Video Assets.