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Contexts of Nursing: An Introduction



Contexts of Nursing: An Introduction

John Daly

ISBN: 978-1-405-10095-3 August 2002 Wiley-Blackwell 304 Pages


Contexts of Nursing: An Introduction offers a comprehensive overview of the fundamental ideas and perspectives underpinning the practice of contemporary nursing. The book is an essential resource for any program that addresses professional nursing, theory and knowledge.

Each chapter focuses on a foundational area of study. Among these are philosophical, ethical, legal, theoretical, professional, technological, and research aspects of nursing. Ideas regarding nursing practice are considered, including nursing practice with individuals, communities and groups with special needs. There is a chapter on becoming a critical thinker and another on maximising learning opportunities and preparing for professional practice.

* Introductory textbook for all diploma and degree Foundation program nursing students
* A concise yet comprehensive overview of professional nursing studies
* Outstanding pedagogical features including learning objectives, keywords, reflective questions and recommended reading
* The Australian edition of this book is the highest selling nursing book ever published in Australasia
* Painstakingly adapted to make it invaluable to every UK student nurse
* Contributions from some of the top nursing names

"The book is clearly written and perfectly designed for use on undergraduate preregistration courses. I would therefore have no problem in recommending it as a primary text book for the Foundation programme"


1. So You want to be a Nurse.

2. Milestones in British Nursing.

3. The Art and Science of Nursing.

4. Heroines, Hookers and Harridans: Exploring Popular Images and Representations of Nurses and Nursing.

5. Philosophy, Nursing and Knowledge.

6. The Caring Conundrum: Should Caring be the Basis of Nursing Pratice and Scholarship?.

7. Nursing Theory: Its Nature and Purposes.

8. Research in Nursing: Concepts and Processes.

9. A Reappraisal of Everyday Nursing Ethics: New directions for the 21st century.

10. Law:Issues for Nursing Practice.

11. Gender Issues in Nursing.

12. Becoming Part of a Multidisciplinary Health Care Team.

13. Becoming Professional: The Role of Regulatory Authorities and Nursing Organizations.

14. Meeting the Needs of Individuals.

15. Nursing in the Community.

16. Meeting Health Care Needs in Culturally Diverse Societies.

17. Becoming a Critical Thinker.

18. Writing Nursing, Writing Ourselves.

19. Maximising Learning Opportunities and Preparing for Professional Practice.



"The chapters are well researched, accrate and up-to-date." - Nursing Standard

"...this could be usefully adopted as the basis of a 'professional issues' seminar programme for pre-registration nursing students" - Nursing Standard