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Contextualising Caste: Post-Dumontian Approaches

Contextualising Caste: Post-Dumontian Approaches

Ursula M. Sharma (Editor), Mary Searle-Chatterjee (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-19283-1

Jan 1995, Wiley-Blackwell

192 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Much anthropological and sociological work on South Asia (especially work done by western academics) takes for granted the centrality of caste in Hindu society. The aim of the present volume is to take a critical look at this assumption, contextualising caste in relation to other dimensions of modern Indian society. The contribution of the volume will be both theoretical and ethnographic.

1. Is a Theory of Caste still Possible?: D. Quigley (Queen's University of Belfast).

2. Caste, Democracy and the Politics of Community in India: S. Mitra (University of Hull).

3. Berreman Revisited; Caste and the Comparative Method: U. M. Sharma (University of Keele).

4. Girasias and the Politics of Difference in Rajasthan: Caste, Kinship and Gender in a Marginalised Society: M. Unnithan (University of Sussex).

5. Caste without a System; a Study of South Indian Harijans: R. Deliege (University of Louvain/FNRS).

6. Religion, Caste and other identities: Mary Searle-Chatterjee (Manchester Metropolitan University).

7. Caste - A Personal Perspective: A. Shukra.

Notes on Contributors.


* An up-to-date survey of work on caste.
* Accessible to non-specialists.
* Questions conventional views.