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Continent-Ocean Interactions Within East Asian Marginal Seas

Continent-Ocean Interactions Within East Asian Marginal Seas

Peter Clift (Editor), Wolfgang Kuhnt (Editor), Pinxian Wang (Editor), Dennis E. Hayes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-875-90414-6 January 2004 American Geophysical Union 337 Pages


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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 149.

The study of the complex interactions between continents and oceans has become a leading area for 21st century earth cience. In this volume, continent—ocean interactions in tectonics, arc-continent collision, sedimentology, and climatic volution within the East Asian Marginal Seas take precedence. Links between oceanic and continental climate, the sedimentology of coastal and shelf areas, and the links between deformation of continental and oceanic lithosphere are also discussed.
As an introduction to the science presented throughout the volume, Wang discusses many of the possible interactions between the tectonic evolution of Asia and both regional and global climate. He speculates that uplift of central Asia in the Pliocene may have triggered the formation of many of the major rivers that drain north through Siberia into the Arctic Ocean. He also argues that it is the delivery of this fresh water that allows the formation of sea ice in that area and triggered the start of Northern Hemispheric glaciation. This may be one of the most dramatic ways in which Asia has shaped the Earth's climate and represents an alternative to the other competing models that have previously emphasized the role of oceanic gateway closure in Central America. Moreover, his proposal for major uplift of at least part of Tibet and Mongolia as late as the Pliocene, based on the history of drainage evolution in Siberia, supports recent data from the southern Tarim Basin and from the Qilian Shan and Qaidam and Jiuxi Basins in northeast Tibet that indicate surface uplift at that time. Constraining the timing and patterns of Tibetan surface uplift is crucial to testing competing models for strain accommodation in Asia following India—Asia collision.

Peter Clift, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Pinxian Wang, and Dennis Hayes vii


Cenozoic Deformation and the History of Sea-Land Interactions in Asia
Pinxian Wang 1

Tectonic Interactions

Problem of Positioning Paleogene Eurasia: A Review; Efforts t o Resolve the Issue; Implications
for the India-Asia Collision
Jason R. AH and Jonathan C. Aitchison 23

Reconstructing the Lost Eastern Tethys Ocean Basin: Convergence of the SE Asian Margin and Marine
Christian Heine, Dietmar Muller, and Carmen Gaina 37

Sundaland Basins
Robert Hall and Christopher K. Morley 55

Formation of the Japan and Kuril Basins in the Late Tertiary
Eiichi Honza, Hidekazu Tokuyama, and Wonn Soh 87

Experimental Constraints on Cenozoic Development of Ying-Qiong Basin in NW South China Sea
Zhen Sun, Zhihong Zhong, Di Zhou, Xeulin Qiu, and Xuxuan Li 109

Seafloor Spreading Anomalies in the South China Sea Revisited
Udo Barckhausen and Hans A. Roeser 121

Interactions During Arc Collision

Geodynamic Context of the Taiwan Orogene
Jean-Claude Sibuet, Shu-Kun Hsu, and Eric Debayle 127

An Under-filled Foreland Basin in the Northern South China Sea off Southeast Taiwan: Incipient
Collision and Foreland Sedimentation
Ho-ShingYu 159

Sedimentary Interactions

High-Resolution Seismic Reflection Studies of Late Quaternary Sediments in the Eastern Yellow Sea
Young Jae Shinn, Sung Kwun Chough, Jae Woo Kim, Sang Hoon Lee, Jusan Woo, Jae Hwa Jin,
Se Yeol Hwang, Seong Ho Choi, and Man Cheol Suh 175

Formation of a Mud Belt and Sand Ridges During Holocene Sea-level Rise, Southeastern Yellow Sea
Jae Hwa Jin and Sung Kwun Chough  193

Late Quaternary Sedimentation in the Eastern Continental Margin of the Korean Peninsula
Sang Hoon Lee, Jang Jun Bahk, and Sung Kwun Chough 205

Sediment Supply, Tectonic Subsidence, and Basin-Filling Patterns Across the Southwestern
South China Sea During Pliocene to Recent Time
Mychal R. Murray and Steven L. Dorobek 235

Climatic Continent-Ocean Interactions

Marine Sedimentary Evidence for Monsoon Strengthening, Tibetan Uplift and Drainage Evolution
in East Asia
Peter D. CUft, Graham D. Layne, andJerzy Blusztajn 255

Onset and Evolution of Millennial-Scale Variability in the Asian Monsoon and Its Impact on
Paleoceanography of the Japan Sea
Ryuji Tada 283

Neogene History of the Indonesian Throughflow
Wolfgang Kuhnt, Ann Holbourn, Robert Hall, Maja Zuvela, and Rolf Kase 299

Orbitally Paced Climate Variability During the Middle Miocene: High Resolution Benthic
Foraminiferal Stable-Isotope Records From the Tropical Western Pacific
Ann Holbourn, Wolfgang Kuhnt, and Michael Schulz 321