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Contributions of Space Geodesy to Geodynamics: Crustal Dynamics

Contributions of Space Geodesy to Geodynamics: Crustal Dynamics

David E. Smith (Editor), Donald L. Turcotte (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-67016-3 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 429 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geodynamics Series, Volume 23.

There are times in the history of a science when the evolving technology has been combined with a singleness of purpose to make possible the next great step. For space geodesy the decade of the 1980s was one of those times. Initiated in the early 1980s, the NASA Crustal Dynamics Project (CDP), a global venture of unprecedented proportions, exploited new technologies to confirm and refine tectonic theories and to advance geodynamics.

D. L. Turcotte and D. E. Smith xi

D. E. Smith and M. Baltuck 1

Space Geodesy and Plate Motions
S. Stein 5

Horizontal Crustal Deformation and Large Scale Plate Motions Inferred From Space Geodetic
Techniques J. W. Robbins, D. E. Smith, and C. Ma 21

Global Scale Tectonic Plate Motions Measured With CDP VLBI Data
J. W. Ryan, T. A. Clark, C. Ma, D. Gordon, D. S. Caprette, and W. E. Himwich 37

Plate Tectonics From SLR and VLBI Global Data
S. Robaudo and C. G. A. Harrison 51

Observing Geodynamics From the Analysis of 7.3-Year LAGEOS Data
M. Murata 73

Geodetic Results From Lageos 1 and Doris Satellite Data
A. Cazenave, P. Gegout, L. Soudarin, K. Dominh, F. Barlier, P. Exertier, and Y. Boudon 81

Vertical Positioning at Laser Observatories
P. J. Dunn, M. H. Torrence, R. Kolenkiewicz, and D. E. Smith 99

New Directions in Theoretical Studies of Tectonic Deformation: A Survey of Recent Progress
J. B. Rundle and D. L. Turcotte 107

Results From the CDP Mobile VLBI Program in the Western United States
D. Gordon, C. Ma, and J. W. Ryan 131

Horizontal Crustal Deformation in Southern California From Joint Models of Geologic and Very
Long Baseline Interferometry Measurements
F. Saucier and E. Humphreys 139

Present-Day Crustal Deformation in the Salton Trough, Southern California
R. Reilinger and S. Larsen 177

Constraints on Deformation of the Resurgent Dome, Long Valley Caldera, California From Space
Geodesy T. H. Dixon, M. Bursik, S. Kornreich Wolf, M. Heftin, F. Webb, F. Farina, and S. Robaudo 193

Analysis of a 100 Year Geodetic Record From Northern California
L.E. Gilbert, J. Beavan, and C. H. Scholz 215

Geodetic Measurement of Static Displacement Associated With the 1987-1988 Gulf of Alaska
J. M. Sauber, T. A. Clark, L. J. Bell, M. Lisowski, C. Ma, and D. S. Caprette 233

Crust-Mantle Evolution, Structure and Dynamics of the Mediterranean-Alpine Region
S. Mueller and H-G. Kahle 249

The Wegener-Medlas Project Preliminary Results on the Determination of the Geokinematics of the
Eastern Mediterranean
P. Wilson and E. Reinhart 299

Plate Kinematics in a Global and European Scale by Lageos Laser Ranging Data From 1983 to 1990 
G. Gendt, H. Montag, and G.Dick  311

Crustal Motions in the Mediterranean Region Determined From Laser Ranging to LAGEOS
R. Noomen, B. A. C. Ambrosius, and K. F. Wakker 331

Tectonic Motion in the Mediterranean Area From Laser Ranging to LAGEOS
A. Cenci, M. Fermi, C. Sciarretta, R. Devoti, and A. Caporali 347

Ten Years of SLR Data Analysis at DGFI/I
Ch. Reigber, P. Schwintzer, F.-H. Massmann, Ch. Foerste, and H. Drewes 359

Crustal Motions From Short-Arc Analysis of LAGEOS Data
S. Zerbini 371

A Short-Arc Method for Determination of Station Coordinates and Baselines Applied to the
Mediterranean Area
A. T. Sinclair and G. M. Appleby 389

First Results of European Crustal Motion Measurements With VLBI
J. Campbell, H. Hase, A. Nothnagel, H. $chuh, N. Zarraroa, A. Rius, E. $ardon, V. Tornatore, and P. Tomasi 397

Preliminary Results of 1988 and 1990 GPS Measurements in Western Turkey and Their Tectonic
M. B. Oral, R. E. Reilinger, M. N. ToksOz, A. A. Barka, and I. Kinik 407

Monitoring West Hellenic Arc Tectonics and Calabrian Arc Tectonics ("WHAT A CAT") Using the
Global Positioning System
H.-G. Kahle, M. V. Mailer, S. Mueller, G. Veis, H. Billiris, D. Paradissis, H. Drewes, K. Kaniuth, K. Stuber, H. Tremel, S. Zerbini, G. Corrado  417