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Control and Security of E-Commerce

Control and Security of E-Commerce

Gordon E. Smith

ISBN: 978-0-471-18090-6

Nov 2003

240 pages

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  • Explores the components of e-commerce (including EDI).
  • Shows the risks involved when using an e-commerce system.
  • Provides controls for protecting an e-commerce site (e.g., securing financial transactions and confidential transactions).
  • Provides COSO compliant audit approach.
  • Provides risk/control tables and checklists.
  • Technical topics are discussed in simple user-friendly language.

Chapter 1. Introduction.

Chapter 2. Legal Issues Related to E-Commerce.

Chapter 3. Information Security: Overview.

Chapter 4. Certificates and Non-Repudiation.

Chapter 5. Protecting the E-Commerce Environment.

Chapter 6. Protecting E-Commerce Data.

Chapter 7. Auditing an E-Commerce Application.


"For ensuring that file servers and other elements of the e-commerce infrastructure are protected, this book is an excellent choice" (Security Management, July 2004)

“If you are employed anywhere near the sharp end of e-commerce, this is a book you should defiantly read.” (Supply Management, 18 March 2004)