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Control of Fish Quality, 4th Edition



Control of Fish Quality, 4th Edition

J. J. Connell

ISBN: 978-0-852-38226-4 June 1995 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages


Fish is one of the most highly perishable commodities and the public requires continuous reassurance about its quality. Futhermore, consumer taste is moving to more highly perishable fish products, which require more careful attention in preparation and storage. The fourth edition of Control of Fish Quality, which is truly international in scope, provides sound and practical advice on all aspects of this subject, from harvesting to retailing. The new fourth edition is a comprehensive revision that takes full account of all new findings and ideas to emerge in the five years since publication of the last edition. Numerous detailed ammendments have been made and this edition includes some entirely new sections.

1. Quality Terminology.

2. Intrinsic Quality.

3. Quality Deterioration an Extrinsic Quality Defects in Raw Material.

4. Quality Deterioration and efects in Products.

5. Safe to Eat?.

6. Microbiology of Products and Further Aspects of Quality.

7. Methods of Asessing and Selecting for Quality.

8. Organisation for Quality Assusrance and Official Inspection.

9. Standards.

10. Codes of Practice.

Appendices 1-6.

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Review of the previous edition:
'This book provides an invaluable starting point for personnel in the fish industry concerned with fish quality and quality control. Anyone with a serious interest in these topics should have a copy of this book Food Manufacture (on the third edition). The readableness of the book is very good, not least because of the excellent figures and photographs. Because of its wide scope, this book can be recommended to all who would deepen their knowledge.'