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Controller's Report 2001 Yearbook



Controller's Report 2001 Yearbook

Institute of Management and Administration (IOMA)

ISBN: 978-0-471-19090-5 March 2004 320 Pages


An authoritative guide to performance norms, outside costinformation, and new ideas that will make you more effective atwork

With this comprehensive book, you'll find the practical informationyou need to exercise financial leadership in today's corporation.Featuring the best articles from the Controller's Report, thisvaluable management resource details cost information andperformance norms as well as innovative ideas that will help youperform better at your job. You'll find hundreds of benchmarks thatyou'll be able to use for budgeting, balance sheet management andthe monitoring of spending. This includes frames of references foryour company's spending on property and casualty insurance,computers and MIS, professional fees, travel and entertainment, andmuch more. You'll learn how to use this information to evaluateyour company's cost structure and discover new ways to add valueand maximize profits. And you'll also uncover the steps you cantake to broaden your influence within the corporation.

Offering helpful advice and proven techniques, this bookincludes:
* The latest information on controlling costs from hundreds ofcurrent studies by leading consulting firms
* Numerous benchmarks that you can use to evaluate your company'scost structure
* An in-depth look at specific corporate costs so you can findexactly what you need
* The methods to follow so you can quickly respond to thechallenges of fast growth
* An annual review of controllers' salaries and bonuses
Financial Leadership.

Controller Profiles.

Banking Charges.

Benefits Costs.

Controlling Compensation.

Controllers' Salaries and Bonuses.

Accounting and Performance Measurement.

Human Resources Benchmarks.

Internet and IT Costs.

Overhead Costs.

P&C Insurance.

Professional, Legal Charges.

Logistics, Purchasing, and Inventory.

Sales Costs and Management.

T & E.