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Conversations with Marketing Masters

Laura Mazur, Louella Miles

ISBN: 978-0-470-68750-5 August 2009 248 Pages


Conversations with Marketing Masters offers new insights by gathering the collected wisdom of the most influential marketing thinkers of our age, each of whom has given a structured interview. Covering a wide range of issues and illustrating concepts with cases of success and failure, these seminal dialogues offer a rare look at what made each master great – and a glimpse of the marketing future.

The Marketing Masters featured are Philip Kotler, David Aaker, Jean-Claude Larreche, Regis McKenna, Don Peppers, John Quelch, Al Ries, Martha Rogers, Don Schultz, Patricia Seybold, Jack Trout and Lester Wunderman. The conversations are free-flowing dialogues in which each personality is allowed to shine through.


About the Authors.


1 Philip Kotler: The founding father.

2 David Aaker: Brand equity trailblazer.

3 Jean-Claude Larreche: Marketing strategy master.

4 Regis McKenna: The technology visionary.

5 Don Peppers and Martha Rogers: The one-to-one gurus.

6 John Quelch: Global marketing authority.

7 Al Ries: Pioneer of positioning.

8 Don Schultz: Integrated marketing communications innovator.

9 Patricia Seybold: Customer experience expert.

10 Jack Trout: Positioning pioneer.

11 Lester Wunderman: Direct marketing missionary.


"…a treasure-trove for the marketer and anybody else interested in the dynamics of how and why some things sell" (Gulf Business, March 2007)