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Cooking Basics For Dummies, UK Edition

Cooking Basics For Dummies, UK Edition

Bryan Miller, Marie Rama

ISBN: 978-1-119-99693-4 February 2011 316 Pages




The majority of people don’t know where to start when it comes to cooking a successful meal.  Packed with easy-to-follow guidelines and recipes, this full-colour, hardback, spiral-bound edition of Cooking Basics For Dummies helps novice chefs navigate the kitchen and learn staple cooking techniques.

The lay-flat binding is the ideal format for the kitchen environment and the full-colour photos throughout show readers what they can expect to achieve from their efforts. 

Cooking Basics For Dummies includes:

  • Choosing the right tools and stocking your pantry
  • The essential cooking techniques - boiling, poaching, steaming,   sautéing, braising, stewing, roasting and grilling
  • Expanding your repertoire with delicious recipes
  • A glossary of over 100 common cooking terms

About the Authors

Bryan Millar is a former New York Times restaurant critic. Marie Ramer is a food writer.


Part I: Go On In – It’s Only the Kitchen.

Chapter 1: Cooking with Confidence.

Chapter 2: Gathering the Tools You Need.

Chapter 3: The Bare Necessities: Stocking Your Store Cupboard.

Part II: Know Your Techniques.

Chapter 4: Boiling, Poaching, and Steaming.

Chapter 5: Sautéing.

Chapter 6: Braising and Stewing: Now That’s Home Cooking.

Chapter 7: The House Smells Delicious: Roasting and Grilling.

Chapter 8: Creating Sensational Sauces.

Part III: Expand Your Repertoire.

Chapter 9: The Amazing Egg.

Chapter 10: Stirring Up Soup-er Homemade Soups.

Chapter 11: All Dressed Up: Salads and Dressings.

Chapter 12: Pastamania.

Chapter 13: One-Pot Meals.

Chapter 14: Sweet Somethings.

Part IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 15: Ten (Or so) Herbs You Should Know.

Chapter 16: Ten (Or so) Spices You Should Know.

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Think Like a Chef.

Appendix: Glossary of (Nearly) 100 Common Cooking Terms.