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Core Strength For Dummies, Pocket Edition

Core Strength For Dummies, Pocket Edition

LaReine Chabut

ISBN: 978-1-118-04283-0

Dec 2010

144 pages

Select type: E-Book



Fitness and lifestyle expert and author of Lose That Baby Fat!

Get the core you've always wanted!

Always wanted a great core and just not sure how to get it? This handy pocket guide will get you started on your way to a solid core. With beginner exercises to more advanced ones and everything between, you'll find all you need, no matter where you are in your core training.

Open the book and find:

  • Improve your balance and posture

  • Reshape your muscles

  • Work out safely

  • Strengthen your core muscles to improve your overall fitness

  • Get moves for the whole family


About This Book.

Conventions Used in This Book.

Foolish Assumptions.

Icons Used in This Book.

Where to Go from Here.

Chapter 1: Understanding and Reshaping Your Core.

Locating Your Core.

The Five W’s of Core Training.

Who needs core training?.

What can I do to get core strength?.

Where is the best place to work out to get a stronger core?.

When should I do core training?.

Why should I strengthen my core?.

The How’s of Core Strengthening.

How often should I exercise?.

How long should I exercise?.

How intense should exercise feel?.

Should I see a doctor before I begin a core-strengthening program?.

Benefits of Core Training.

Living longer.

Lowering blood pressure.

Lowering your diabetes risk.

Countering bone loss.

Better posture.

Increased range of motion.

Preventing injuries.

Reducing stress.

Decreased muscle tension.

Useful and Fun Techniques for Developing Core Strength.



Wii Fit.

Training with a partner.

Rounding Up Your Core Muscles.

Breathing with Core Muscles for Better Results.

Testing Your Core Strength.

Using results to design a program.

T-raises: Testing your upper back and chest.

Seated core rotation: Testing the trunk or midsection.

Back and butt extensions: Testing the buttocks.

Chapter 2: Things to Consider Before Taking the Core Challenge.

Tuning In to Toning-Up Basics.

Turning up the heat of your core.

Knowing your limits.

Setting aside time for working out.

Keeping core safety in mind.

Using a mat.

Using a mirror.

Warming Up Your Core.

Jogging in place.

Marching it out.

Jumping rope.

Holding Your Posture.

Achieving a neutral spine.

Knowing how a neutral spine feels.

How Weights Can Build a Stronger Core.


Heavy balls (medicine balls).

No weights.

Trying a Core Class.

Chapter 3: Getting Started with Beginner Core Exercises.

Using Everyday Ways to Work Your Core.

Revving Up with Core Strengtheners.

Lying pelvic tilts.

Hip lifts with knees together.

Suiting Up Your Core.


Side crunch.

Side planks.


Push-ups on knees.

Baby Got Back!.

Back extensions.


Chapter 4: Getting That Six-Pack: Abdominal Core Superset.

Shaping Up with a Superset.

Crunch It! Abdominal Workout.

Crunches: Feet on floor.

Double-crunch: Knees to elbows.

Bicycle crunches.

Reverse crunches.

Legs straight up crunches.

Side plank.

Side-lying crunch.

Half-up twists.

Plank leg lifts.

Superman: Opposite arm and leg extension.

Chapter 5: Core Workout for a Better Butt.

Putting Good Junk in Your Trunk.

My Core Secrets Workout.

Squats: Half up, half down.

Reverse lunges: Half up, half down.

Plank leg lifts.

Side lunge, left and right.

Lunges: Half up, half down.


Bridge with knees together.

Chapter 6: Working Your Core While Exercising Other Muscles.

Visualizing Working Muscles.

Targeted upper-body muscles.

Targeted lower-body muscles.

Refresher For Using Proper Form with Weights.

Recruiting Your Upper Body for Your Core.

Biceps curls.

Alternating biceps curls.

Triceps press.

Triceps kickbacks.

Hammer curls.

Bent-over rows.

Body Resistance Core Series.

Dips off a table.

Push-ups off a table.


Walking lunges.

Chapter 7: Challenging Your Core on the Ball.

Finding a Ball That Fits.

Sizing up the ball using your height.

Sizing up the ball like a chair.

Sizing up the ball by lying on it.

Getting a feel for sitting on the ball.

Finding the Perfect Spot for Exercising on the Ball.

Picking the right space.

Searching for the best surface.

The Big Easy Core Ball Workout.

Bridge pose.

Bridge lift with calves on ball — straight legs.

Ball push-ups.

Core leg lifts.

Single-leg bridge.

Core extension.

Core flexion.

Hitting Crunch Time.

Crunches or sit-ups.

Oblique crunches.


Abdominal curls.

Ball exchange.

Chapter 8: Nine Household Items You Can Use to Help Improve Core Strength.

A Chair.

A Beam or Rafter.

A Coffee Table.

A Desk.

A Doorway.

Water Jugs.


A Wall.

A Book.

Chapter 9: Nine Best Ways to Train Your Core.

Balance It.

Crunch It.

Fix It with Cardio.

Walk It Out.

Cycle Through It.

Plank It.

Lengthen It.

Suck It In.

Twist It.