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Corporate Learning: Proven and Practical Guidelines for Building a Sustainable Learning Strategy

Corporate Learning: Proven and Practical Guidelines for Building a Sustainable Learning Strategy

Michael Dulworth, Frank Bordonaro

ISBN: 978-0-787-97429-9

Jun 2005

272 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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In Corporate Learning, Mike Dulworth and Frank Bordonaro offer down-to-earth information and advice for increasing organizational performance. The book shares useful insights about building leadership talent, as researched and presented by a top-notch cadre of contributors. Corporate Learning also outlines a five-step, field-tested learning strategy that organizations can use to increase the capacities of their leaders. In addition Corporate Learning contains a handy “Fitness Quiz” and illustrative real-life stories from Frank Bordonaro’s stellar career as head of learning for three major corporations.

Introduction: Getting the Most from This Resource ix

Part One: What to Know

Issue 1. Closing the alignment gap between learning and business strategy ...

1. Creating a Learning Organization That Is Linked to Business Strategy and Drives Business Outcomes 3
Michael Dulworth

Issue 2. Filling the leadership pipeline ...

2. Executive Education Best Practices 23
Scott Saslow

3. Critical Trends in Executive Development: What Lies Ahead? 53
Michael Dulworth, Jim Bolt, and John Koriath

Issue 3. Mobilizing others, the leader's lever for change ...

4. An Action Learning Approach to Changing Organizational Culture - Rethinking the Balance Between Action and Learning 71
Daniel R. Denison and Bryan Adkins

5. Follow-Through: The Missing Link 91
Cal Wick and Roy Pollock

6. Achieving the Developmental Value of Peer-to-Peer Networks 107
Michael Dulworth and Joe Forcillo

Part Two: What to Do
Frank Bordonaro

Introduction to Part Two 125

Step One: Hear the Rallying Cry 137

Step Two: Put Stakes in the Ground 153

Step Three: Put Learning Where the Work Is 169

Step Four: Divvy Up the Work 189

Step Five: Measure, Modify, and Keep It Moving 207

Conclusion to Part Two: What to Do 231

Conclusion 233

Index 235

About the Author 241