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Corrosion Resistance Against Hydrogen

Corrosion Resistance Against Hydrogen

Michael Schütze (Editor), Günter Schmitt (Editor), Roman Bender (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-33712-5

Mar 2014

480 pages

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Understanding how to protect materials against hydrogen attack is paramount to extending component lifetimes and reducing plant downtime. The materials selection process can sometimes become complex; usually involving multiple factors such as high strength requirements, operating temperature, high corrosion resistance, availability and cost. Hydrogen is used for numerous chemical processes, for example for the synthesis of ammonia and methanol as well as in hydrogenation processes such as for the production of gasoline or for fat hardening. In various metal extraction processes hydrogen is used as a reducing agent and is also used as a shielding gas for welding and metallurgical processes.

The present handbook compiles new and updated information on the corrosion behavior of materials that are in contact with hydrogen or environments containing this gas. This compilation is an indispensable tool for all engineers and scientists dealing with corrosion problems in hydrogen containing environments of any industrial use.

Preface VII

How to use the Handbook IX

Corrosion Resistance Against Hydrogen 1
Authors: Dr. P. Drodten, Dr. D. Schedlitzki, Prof. Dr. E. Wendler-Kalsch

A Metallic materials 20

Aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, iron, iron-based alloys and steels, nickel and nickel alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, zirconium and zirconium alloys

B Nonmetallic inorganic materials 348

Carbon and graphite, binders for building materials, glass, fused silica and silica glass, enamel, oxide ceramic materials, metal ceramic materials

C Organic materials 355

Thermoplastics, elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, duroplastics

D Materials with special properties 369

Coatings and films, gaskets and packings, composite materials

E Material recommendations 384

Bibliography 391

Key to materials compositions 415

Index of materials 457

Subject index 465

“This book provides a comprehensive overview of corrosion resistance of all relevant materials against hydrogen.”  (Materials and Corrosion, 1 October 2015)