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Cost Estimating, 2nd Edition

Cost Estimating, 2nd Edition

Rodney D. Stewart

ISBN: 978-0-471-85707-5

Jan 1991

384 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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This revision of the author's bestselling earlier work on cost estimating has been updated to provide currently applicable examples, data and techniques. Two new chapters have been added covering: computer tools and models for cost estimating, where to get these tools, and the features to look for; software cost estimating with special emphasis on the effect of CASE tools on software productivities and resulting software costs. A complete set of inflation tables is now included to permit conversion from any year dollars to any other year dollars from 1959 through 1997. Retains its comprehensive coverage of the elements needed to embark on a cost estimating task. Strengthened are the invaluable parts of the book which tell the estimator how to produce a competitive and credible cost estimate. Manufacturing standards for hardware and electronics are retained as are handy tables for determining the costs of engineering, design, documentation, drafting and testing.
Why Cost Estimating?.

The Basics of Estimating.

Defining the Work.

The Tools Required for Estimating.

Formulating the Schedule, Estimate Elements, and Ground Rules.

Estimating Direct Material Costs and Labor-Hours.

Estimating Labor Rates, Indirect Costs, and Administrative Costs.

Establishing Fee, Profit, and Earnings.

Reviewing, Publishing, and Using the Estimate.

Life Cycle Costing, Design to Cost, and Value Engineering.

Understanding and Dealing with Inflation and Escalation.

Computer-Aided Cost Estimating and Cost Analysis.

Software Cost Estimating and CASE.



Pitfalls and Common Errors to Avoid in Cost Estimating.