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Counselling and Spiritual Accompaniment: Bridging Faith and Person-Centred Therapy

Counselling and Spiritual Accompaniment: Bridging Faith and Person-Centred Therapy

Brian Thorne

ISBN: 978-1-119-95082-0

Oct 2012, Wiley-Blackwell

366 pages

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Counselling and Spiritual Accompaniment presents the key spiritually-focused writings of Brian Thorne, one of the most influential thinkers on the convergence of spirituality with counselling, along with new material reflecting his recent work in spiritual accompaniment.
  • Reflects the increasing focus on spiritual issues as an essential part of therapy
  • Represents the culmination of an intellectual quest, undertaken by the most senior figure in the field, to integrate spirituality with counselling and the person-centred approach
  • Features chapters that span thirty years of work, along with new writings that bring readers up to date with the author's most recent work in spiritual accompaniment
  • An invaluable guide for counsellors and therapists who acknowledge the importance of spirituality to their clients, but doubt their abilities to help in this area
Preface ix

Acknowledgements xii

Part I From: Person-centred Counselling: Therapeutic and Spiritual Dimensions 1

Introduction 3

Chapter 1 In Search of Value and Meaning (1979) 8

Chapter 2 Intimacy (1982) 17

Chapter 3 The Quality of Tenderness (1985) 31

Chapter 4 The Blessing and the Curse of Empathy (1989) 42

Chapter 5 Carl Rogers and the Doctrine of Original Sin (1990) 61

Chapter 6 Carl Rogers: The Legacy and the Challenge (1990) 72

Chapter 7 The God Who Comes: Good Friday 1946 (1991) 86

Part II From: Person-centred Counselling and Christian Spirituality 91

Introduction 93

Chapter 8 The Two Carls – Reflections on Jung and Rogers (1983) 98

Chapter 9 The Personality of Jesus and the Process of Therapy (1991) 110

Chapter 10 Spirituality and the Counsellor (1993) 117

Chapter 11 Julian of Norwich: Radical psychotherapist (1993) 121

Chapter 12 Jesus, the Incarnation of Holiness (Three Sermons, 1993) 134

Chapter 13 Developing a Spiritual Discipline (1994) 146

Chapter 14 The Counsellor as Prophet (1994) 150

Chapter 15 Counselling and the Spiritual Journey (1997) 165

Part III From: The Mystical Power of Person-Centred Therapy 179

Introduction 181

Chapter 16 The Human Person: Hope or Despair? 187

Chapter 17 The Person-centred Therapist as Secular Priest and Prophet 197

Chapter 18 The Spiritual Discipline of the Person-centred Therapist 209

Chapter 19 The Use of Self 220

Chapter 20 Intimacy and Sexuality 231

Chapter 21 ‘Alive Alive’ 242

Chapter 22 When the World Stopped Turning 255

Part IV Ceasing to be a Therapist 265

Prologue 267

Chapter 23 The Heart’s Surrender (2005) 270

Chapter 24 The Counsellor and the Lay Canon: Different Routes but the Same Journey (2007) 293

Chapter 25 A Collision of Worlds (2009) 306

Chapter 26 The Fully Human Jesus (2009) 312

Chapter 27 Sacred Intimacy: Spiritual Accompaniment for our Times (2010) 329

Chapter 28 In Correspondence (2010) 341

Epilogue 343

Index 345

“It is well written: clearly, humorously, honestly, and empathically. We owe Thorne an enormous debt for courageously opening his heart, mind, and soul to share the truth about a loving God walking with his people. It has been a privilege to review a book that amounts to his magnum opus, and I hope I have done it justice.”  (Church Times, 18 October 2013)

“This is a ‘Brian Thorne reader’, and is to be commended to all therapists of all theoretical orientations.” (Therapy Today, September 2013)