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Creating Business Agility: How Convergence of Cloud, Social, Mobile, Video, and Big Data Enables Competitive Advantage

Creating Business Agility: How Convergence of Cloud, Social, Mobile, Video, and Big Data Enables Competitive Advantage

Rodney Heisterberg, Alakh Verma

ISBN: 978-1-118-91824-1 September 2014 384 Pages

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Creating Business Agility: How Convergence of Cloud, Social, Mobile, Video, and Big Data Enables Competitive Advantage provides a game plan for integrating technology to build a smarter, more customer-centric business. Using a series of case studies as examples throughout, the book describes the agility that comes from collaborative commerce, and provides key decision makers the implementation roadmap they need to build a successful business ecosystem. The focus is on Business Agility Readiness in terms of the five major changes affecting the information technology landscape, and how data-driven delivery platforms and decision-making processes are being reinvented using digital relationships with a social business model as the consumer world of technology drives innovation and collaboration.

Cloud computing, social media, next-gen mobility, streaming video, and big data with predictive analytics are major forces now for a competitive advantage, and Creating Business Agility provides leaders with a roadmap for readiness. Business leaders tasked with innovation and strategy will find that Creating Business Agility provides important insight from an informed perspective.

Foreword: How to Survive in the Jungle xi

Preface xv

Chapter 1 Bridging the Digital Divide 1

Business Agility Concepts 1

Digital Business Organization 3

Business Ecosystem Strategic Concepts 4

Stages of Business Ecosystem Coevolution 7

Digital Business Stakeholders 10

Ecosystem Hub Concepts 11

Ecosystem Hub Implementation Concepts 15

Ecosystem Hub Roadmap for Business Agility Readiness 17

Balanced Scorecard Delivering Business Value 25

Change Management Imperatives 27

Customer-Centric Business Strategy 27

Business Agility Alignment Issues 29

Business Agility Readiness Roadmap 29

Sonoma County Tourism Sneakaway Marketing Campaign Leverages Hybrid Cloud Deployment as Platform for Ecosystem Hub 31

References 32

Chapter 2 Disruptive Innovation and Evolving Business Model 35

Disruptive Innovation Creates Business Dilemma 35

Disruptive Innovation Introduces New Paradigm 36

Service-Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management Drive Systems of Engagement 36

CIO-CMO Alignment via Business Process Management and Balanced Scorecard 43

Business Agility Readiness Transformation 49

Business Agility Circle of Influence 49

What Is Multidimensional Scoring (MDS)? 50

Measuring Relationship in Systems of Engagement 51

Listening to Own Conscience: Fourth Dimension in Driving Agility 52

Video: New Disruptive Technology for Digital Content 57

Travel Industry Disruption by Force 5 Tornado 66

References 67

Chapter 3 Hyperconnectivity Drives Innovation 69

Paradigm Shifts: Mainframes to Client-Server to Cloud Computing 72

Next Evolution: Large Data Center—Grid Computing—Cluster Computing 73

Defining Cloud Computing 73

What Is Cloud Computing? 74

Key Business Drivers for Cloud Services 80

Business Value Propositions for Cloud Computing 81

President Obama Election Campaign Leverages Cloud to Win 82

Concerns and Risk Assessment of Cloud Computing 83

Understanding Cloud Architecture 85

Cloud-Based Solutions to Meet the IT Needs of Multiregional Branch Offices 87

Advantages of Cloud Computing-Based Solution 92

Design and Deployment Strategy for Cloud Services 95

Five Steps in Cloud Apps Deployment 98

Obstacles and Opportunities for Cloud Computing 100

Driving Growth More Efficiently 104

Database Services on a Private Cloud 104

Security Considerations in Private and Public Clouds 106

Virtual Machine Introspection 109

Service-Level Agreement 110

Intellectual Property Rights 111

References 111

Chapter 4 Breaking the Barrier of Physical Infrastructure 113

Effective Use of Technologies 113

Reduce Cost to Your Advantage 114

Amazon and eBay Business Models: Breaking the Barrier of Physical Infrastructure 116

Education: Going beyond Physical Boundaries 120

Massive Open Online Courses: Breaking Physical Boundaries in Education 121

Khan Academy: Making a Great Impact in Education 123

Health Care Services Leveraging Outsourced Services 124

Assembly: Outsourced by Apple in China 124

Manufacturing Outsourcing: Levi Strauss & Co. 125

Travel and Hospitality Sectors: Breaking Physical Boundaries 125

Software Development Leverages Global Resources 126

AEC Industry Removes Barriers 127

Converging Technology: Inside the Force 5 Tornado for the Perfect Storm 128

Transformation, Synergy, and Innovation through the Cloud 128

References 138

Chapter 5 Power of Collaborative Management 139

Collaborate for Better Execution and Effective Decision Making 140

Use of Wiki in Enterprise-Wide Team  Collaboration 143

Central Desktop: Powerful Tool for Effective Team  Collaboration 145

Mindjet (Spigit): Great Tool for Collaborative Ideation 147

Oracle WebCenter: Enterprise-Wide User Experience Tool 150

Oracle Social Network: Cloud-Based Enterprise-Class Collaborative System 153

CIO-CMO Collaborative Alignment 156

References 165

Chapter 6 Mobility Drives Agility 167

Convergence of Consumer Electronics into Smart Devices 168

Mobility Strengthens Ecosystemism 177

Location-Based Targeted Customer Outreach 180

Mobile Development Framework 181

Next Generation of Applications Leverages Mobility Platform 183

Enterprise Mobility Platform 184

Mobile Deployment Framework 184

Smart Devices Protection Is Important 186

Mobotory: Business Agility Strategy in Action 189

Chapter 7 Listening to the Voices 195

Social Media: A New Disruptive Revolution 196

Mobility: Enable Agile Relationships 202

Customer Engagement: Key Business Challenge 205

Personalization: A Key Tenet of User Engagement in Business 210

Sentiment Analytics: A Better Way to Drive Business Focus and Agility 213

Change Management and Business Agility for Social Media 214

Oilstop: Using Big Data to Drive More Intimate Customer Relationships, and Social Media to Enhance Community 221

Chapter 8 Role of Collective Intelligence 229

Why Should You Care about Big Data? 230

What Do Key Characteristics Signal about Big Data? 235

Does Size of Data Really Matter? 236

How Complex Is Big Data? 237

How Does Big Data Coexist with Existing Traditional Data? 240

How Big Is the Big Data Market? 245

How Would You Manage Big Data on Technology Platforms? 248

Chapter 9 Cultivating Knowledge Ecosystems 261

Knowledge Management Disciplines and Technologies 263

Force 5 Tornado Convergence Creates Business Agility 273

How Team Oracle Wins AC34 with Big Data Analytics for Adaptive Decision Making 275

Chapter 10 2020 Foresight 279

Ecosystemism 280

Consumerization of Information Technology 281

The Internet of Things 282

Industrial Internet 285

Internet of Everything: Cisco 286

Saving Costs in Home Utilities 290

Bionics: Wearable Contact Lenses 291

What to Expect with a Customer-Centric Business in 2020 292

Epilogue Selling Sonoma County Wine Country 297

About the Authors 335

Acknowledgments 339

Index 343