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Creating Web Sites Bible, 2nd Edition

Creating Web Sites Bible, 2nd Edition

David A. Crowder, Andrew Bailey

ISBN: 978-0-764-57498-6

Oct 2004

960 pages

Select type: Paperback

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  • Jam-packed with more than 800 pages of expert advice and hands-on guidance, this book has everything readers need to build their own cutting-edge Web sites
  • A one-stop resource that delivers the scoop on everything from HTML, tables, and forms to JavaScript and Flash
  • Brand-new chapters cover getting attention with Google AdWords, building Yahoo! and stores, creating great eBay auctions, and getting paid with PayPal
  • Includes new information on designing with cascading style sheets, syndicating a site with RSS, building a blog, and more


Part I: The Basics of Building Web Pages and Sites.

Chapter 1: Planning Your Web Pages.

Chapter 2: Promoting Your Site.

Chapter 3: Basic HTML Building Blocks.

Chapter 4: Organizing Your Site.

Chapter 5: Putting It on the Web.

Part II: Enhancing Web Pages with Fonts, Images, and Color.

Chapter 6: Getting Fancy with Text.

Chapter 7: Finding Images.

Chapter 8: Blending Images Into Your Web Pages.

Chapter 9: Creating and Enhancing Images.

Chapter 10: Adding Color Throughout Your Site.

Part III: Designing Web Layouts.

Chapter 11: Harnessing the Power of Tables.

Chapter 12: Organizing Your Site With Frames.

Chapter 13: Styling Web Pages with Cascading Style Sheets.

Chapter 14: Positioning Elements with DIVs.

Part IV: Adding Interactivity With Flash, Forms, and Other Tools.

Chapter 15: Getting Input with Forms.

Chapter 16: Making Dynamic Pages with JavaScript.

Chapter 17: Navigating Your Web Site.

Chapter 18: Adding Dynamic Page Elements with DHTML.

Chapter 19: Animating with Macromedia Flash.

Chapter 20: Adding Multimedia and Other Objects.

Chapter 21: Blogging.

Part V: Cashing In on E-Commerce.

Chapter 22: Setting Up Your Store.

Chapter 23: Selling on eBay.

Chapter 24: Getting Paid.

Chapter 25: Using Advertising.

Chapter 26: Covering All the Bases.

Part VI: Maintaining and Updating Your Site.

Chapter 27: Maintaining Your Site.

Chapter 28: Updating Your Site.

Chapter 29: Designing with XML.

Chapter 30: Making Your Site Mobile with WAP/WML.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: HTML 4.01 Specification.

Appendix B: XHTML 1.0, Second Edition Specification.

Appendix C: XML 1.0, Third Edition Specification.

Appendix D: WML 2.0 Specification.

Appendix E: JavaScript Reference.



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