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Creating the Ergonomically Sound Workplace

Creating the Ergonomically Sound Workplace

Lee T. Ostrom

ISBN: 978-1-555-42621-7

Apr 1994, Pfeiffer

196 pages

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From Training to Performance in the 21st Century is a series sponsored by the National Society for Performance and Instruction (NSPI) which provides valuable how-to resources to help trainers, human resource professionals, and human performance technologists improve performance in the workplace. This book is part of the first three-volume set, Designing the Work Environment for Optimum Performance,
which shows how to fix the workplace, not the worker.
The set provides hands-on tools to help create work environments that support human performance.

Draws on numerous scientific studies and the author's professional experience in assessing real-life ergonomic problems in diverse workplaces nationwide to provide a systematic approach including reproducible checklists and worksheets--for performing ergonomic assessments to identify and correct health hazards at work.

He presents a variety of practical, cost-effective solutions from adjusting chairs, lowering computer keyboards, taking frequent microbreaks, and finding new ways of performing repetitive tasks--for preventing work-related health problems.
Part One: How the Physical Work Environment Affects Performance
1. What Are the Benefits of Ergonomic Workplace Design?
Part Two: Techniques for Creating the Ergonomically-Sound Workplace
2. Assessing Workplace Ergonomics
3. Posture: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Body Alignment
4. Work Activities: Eliminating the Risk of Injury
5. Environment: Ensuring Proper Lighting and Visibility
6. Making Follow-Up Adjustments
Part Three: Techniques in Action
7. Restoring Lost Productivity: The Case Study of the Springfield Loan Office
Part Four: Resources
A.Accident Statistics Review Sheet B.Interview Worksheets C.Worksheet for Organizing the Ergonomic Assessment D.Assessment and Evaluation Worksheets E.Furniture and Equipment Selection Worksheets F.Glossary
"Occupational health and safety practitioners no longer need to be apprehensive about ergonomic issues in the workplace. Lee Ostrom's straightforward methods can readily enable all of us to solve many problems as well as identify those requiring outside help." --Ron Williams, CIH, CSP, NPC Services