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Creating the High Performance Team

Creating the High Performance Team

Steve Buchholz, Thomas Roth

ISBN: 978-0-471-85674-0

Sep 1987

216 pages

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An adaptation of Wilson's popular seminar, providing practical tips for building teams in organizations. Shows managers how to create a sense of interdependence in a team, how to set goals through participative leadership, how to anticipate problems and deal with them before they arise. Major areas of concentration include shared responsibility, alignment of purpose, and encouraging creative talent. Case studies, dialogs, and ``real world'' examples help managers instill a sense of common purpose, promote communication, and make teams that perform.
What Is a High Performance Team?

Participative Leadership.

Shared Responsibility: Whose Job Is It?.

Aligned on Purpose: Sharing a Vision.

What is Purpose?

High Communication: Building Trust.

Focused on the Future: Is Change a Challenge?

Focused on Task: Do Your Meetings Produce Results?

Creative Talents: Who's Got an Idea?

Rapid Response: What Opportunities Are Out There?

Synergism: Making It Work.