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Creative Lighting: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Creative Lighting: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques

Harold Davis

ISBN: 978-1-118-08401-4

Sep 2011

256 pages



How to make digital photography lighting more creative—and less challenging!

How do you master the art of lighting your photographs? Go beyond the basics, go beyond the "rules," and get creative with the help of renowned photographer Harold Davis. In this book, Harold shows you how to break the boundaries of conventional wisdom and create unique, lively, and beautifully lit photographs.  Packed with tips and tricks as well as stunning examples of the author’s creativity, this book will both inform and inspire you to create your own lighting style.

  • Teaches you when and how to control the light in your photographs
  • Reviews the basic “rules” of digital photography lighting and shows you how to break the rules to create your own uniquely lit images
  • Helps you start building a lighting style of your own
  • Includes stunning examples of the author’s photography and lighting techniques

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned digital photographer, you'll find ideas and techniques to spark your creativity.

8 Introduction

10 Seeing the Light

12 Quality of Light

12 Understanding Light

16 Characteristics of Light

18 The Golden Hour

22 Intensity of Light

28 Direction of Light

34 Color of Light

40 Diffusion

44 Backlighting

46 High-Key and Low-Key Lighting

50 Chiaroscuro

52 Understanding Reflectivity

56 Transparency versus Opacity

60 Lure of Shadows

64 Light and the Monochromatic Vision

68 Exposure and Lighting

70 Understanding Exposure

74 Overexposure and Underexposure

78 Using a Histogram 82 Aperture

84 Aperture, Depth-of-Field, and Focus

86 Working with Shutter Speed

92 ISO

94 Causes of Noise

98 Using Exposure Controls with Lighting

102 White Balance and Color

108 Pre-Visualizing the Impact of Lighting

112 Working with Ambient Light

114 Understanding Ambient Light

120 Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

122 Landscapes

126 City Light

132 Close-Ups and Macros

136 Using a Fill Lighting

142 Using Flash as Supplemental Lighting

146 Using Window Light

150 Night Photography

158 Light Painting

162 Lighting in the Studio

164 Continuous Lighting

170 Setting the Stage

174 Using Natural Light

176 Integrating Natural Light with your Still Life

178 Creating Transparent Effects

182 Working with Shadows

186 Reflections

190 Refractions

192 Metal

196 Strobe Lighting Equipment

200 Lighting People in the Studio

206 Studio High-Key and Low-Key Lighting

210 Lighting in the Digital Darkroom

212 Multi-RAW Processing

215 Controlling Exposure with Multi-RAW

220 Creative Effects using Multi-RAW

224 HDR and Lighting

234 Enhancing Lighting with Adjustment Layers

238 Light Quality and Blending Modes

242 Using the Lighting Effects Filter

246 Third-Party Plugins that Enhance Lighting

250 Notes and Resources

252 Glossary

254 Index