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Creative Problem Solving: Total Systems Intervention



Creative Problem Solving: Total Systems Intervention

Robert L. Flood, Michael C. Jackson

ISBN: 978-0-471-93052-5 September 1991 268 Pages


This book is about helping managers and decision makers to choose and use the most appropriate problem solving approaches available for managing the complexity and diversity of the difficulties that they face.  By describing and analysing a range of different approaches, it investigates the strengths and weaknesses of each and provides its own approach for the complementary and integrated use of different system methodologies.
The Nature of Systems Thinking.

A System of Systems Methodologies.

The Logic and Process of Total Systems Intervention (TSI).

System Dynamics (SD).

Viable System Diagnosis (VSD).

Strategic Assumption Surfacing and Testing (SAST).

Interactive Planning (IP).

Soft Systems Methodology (SSM).

Critical Systems Heuristics (CSH).

Total Systems Intervention (TSI) Revisited.