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Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health

Edited By:Pamela J. Taylor, David Farrington, John Gunn, Mary McMurran

Vol 28(5 Issues in 2018 )

Print ISSN: 0957-9664

Online ISSN: 1471-2857

Impact Factor: 1.185

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

Select type: Journal


Criminal Behaviour & Mental Health – CBMH – aims to publish original material on any aspect of the relationship between mental state and criminal behaviour. Thus, we are interested in mental mechanisms associated with offending, regardless of whether the individual concerned has a mental disorder or not. We are interested in factors that influence such relationships, and particularly welcome studies about pathways into and out of crime. These will include studies of normal and abnormal development, of mental disorder and how that may lead to offending for a subgroup of sufferers, together with information about factors which mediate such a relationship. We are particularly keen to attract treatment studies and studies evaluating the impact of a range of interventions and new services designed to increase public safety as well as the safety and well-being of the perpetrators of crime and their victims.

CBMH welcomes a wide range of methodologies and formats. Both qualitative and quantitative research is welcomed, from both laboratory and field conditions, as are systematic reviews. Case histories are not excluded, but have to be presented with the same theoretical and methodological rigour as any other research considered acceptable for publication. Potential authors are referred to the guidance for authors for further information about requirements on length, style, format and ethical issues.

CBMH should be of interest to clinical and non-clinical practitioners working with offenders with and without identified mental disorder. University students and researchers in clinical disciplines and in non-clinical disciplines such as criminology and law should find the material particularly useful. CBMH would also be useful for policy makers and government departments.