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Crisis Management: Planning and Media Relations for the Design and Construction Industry



Crisis Management: Planning and Media Relations for the Design and Construction Industry

Janine L. Reid

ISBN: 978-0-471-35419-2 June 2000 216 Pages


The only step-by-step guide to crisis management for the design andconstruction industry

Accidents, lawsuits, labor walkouts . . . A crisis can come out ofnowhere to strike even the most responsible and safety-consciousdesign and construction companies. The good news is that when badthings happen, there are ways to navigate successfully through thetough times to get your company back on track and back in businessas soon as possible. The secret is to be prepared--and this bookshows you how.

Written by one of the best-known experts in the field.

Crisis Management gives you the detailed practical knowledge,tools, and techniques you need to get ready for virtually anycrisis situation--before it happens. With proven procedures, forms,and checklists to guide you through every step of the process, ithelps you to:
* Anticipate, identify, and prevent potential crises whenpossible
* Assemble and manage a quick-response crisis managementteamDevelop a comprehensive crisis management plan
* Understand and use media communications effectively
* Establish and cultivate good media relationships
* No matter what area of design or construction you work in,

Crisis Management will make a vital contribution to the overallhealth and survival of your business--because when it comes to theunexpected, preparation really is everything.
Crisis Identification and Prevention.

The Crisis Management Team.

Components of a Crisis Management Plan.

How Reporters Do Their Job.

Working with Reporters in a Crisis Situation.

More on the Good, the Bad, and the Truly Ugly.

News Conferences.

Communicating with Your Various Audiences When the News IsBad.

Developing Positive Relations with the News Media through a PublicRelations Program.

Training Your Employees to Be Prepared for a Crisis.

Crisis Recovery.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies: Two Case Studies.