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Critical Care Obstetrics, 6th Edition

Critical Care Obstetrics, 6th Edition

George R. Saade, Michael A. Belfort, Gary A. Dildy III, Jeffrey P. Phelan, Michael R. Foley

ISBN: 978-1-119-12938-7

Sep 2018, Wiley-Blackwell

784 pages

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Complications in pregnancy have received increased attention in recent years, with the US National Institutes of Health widely promoting expanded prenatal care. It is vital therefore that every obstetric provider knows what might go seriously wrong with a pregnancy and delivery - and how to manage such complications. Conditions such as bleeding and thrombosis, trauma, acute infection, airway problems, drug reactions in a pregnant patient are among the scariest situations confronting a physician. This is due not only to the intrinsic health interest of the mother and fetus, but also because of the enormous risk of malpractice action.

In this stimulating text, internationally recognized experts guide you through the most challenging situations you are likely to face, enabling you to skillfully:

•             Recognize conditions early-on which might prove life threatening

•             Implement immediate life-saving treatments in emergency situations

•             Maximize the survival prospects of both the mother and her fetus

The sixth edition of this popular book acts as a thorough, but concise point of reference, with easily digestible, disease-orientated chapters providing treatment protocols.  It is an invaluable resource for any healthcare professional responsible for the care and management of pregnant women and their unborn children.