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Critical Corporate Communications: A Best Practice Blueprint



Critical Corporate Communications: A Best Practice Blueprint

Naomi Langford-Wood, Brian Salter

ISBN: 978-0-470-84763-3 May 2003 196 Pages


Critical Corporate Communications :A Best Practice Blueprint
Naomi Langford-Wood and Brian Salter
A good flow of information is essential to all businesses that succeed. The latest Fast Track title is a practical and comprehensive guide to getting the very best out of your corporate communications. It deals with all the different methods of internal and external corporate communication available - letters, fax, email, text, WAP, internet, telephone, face-to-face, and even body language and other non-verbal signals - and shows how best to utilise them within your organisation. Best practice examples are given as well as advice for implementation via a communications audit.
Naomi is an entrepreneur and professional business writer; Brian Salter spent many years as a professional broadcaster and presenter with the BBC, and was formerly head of communications at the Institute of Directors. They are co-founders of the Topspin Group and have co-written over 15 books.
Mid to senior level executives in strategic, corporate communications, PR, and marketing roles; consultants, trainers, business advisers, and owner-managers of SMEs.
ISBN:0470 84763 8 208pp (pr) GBP 14.99 US 24.95 EUR 24.80 Sep 2002
Series Foreword by Digby Jones.

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One: What's It All About?-Communications and Language.

Mind your language.

Two: The Board.

The chairman who chose what not to communicate.

Three: Internal Communications.

Human remains.

A typical employee survey.

Strategising your communications.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Shhh! Keep it quiet.

Causes of ineffective communications.

The cultural divide.

How good a communicator are you?

Four: SWOT Analysis.





Five: External Audiences.

Customers and clients.


Owners and shareholders.

Corporate affairs.

Community relations.

The media.

Six: Crisis Communications.

How Camelot's numbers finally came up.

Coping with a crisis - or a scandal.

Seven: Means of Communication.

Ways and means.




Eight: Electronic Communication.


Bulletin boards.

Intranets and extranets.

Nine: Communication Audits.

Extracts from communication audits 156.

Ten Sounding Off.

"..advice for directors under fire..." (Kent Director, 1 July 2002)

"...this book, produced in collaboration with the CBI, is a useful beginner's guide with some sensible advice..." (Management Today, January 2003)

"...this book is a best practice blueprint, loaded with practical advice and case studies, mostly British..." (Business Plus, February 2003)