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Critical Educational Psychology




The first textbook of its kind, Critical Educational Psychology is a forward-thinking approach to educational psychology that uses critical perspectives to challenge current ways of thinking and improve practice.

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List of Contributors iv
1 Introduction: Educational Psychology – towards a human science 1
Antony Williams, Tom Billington, Dan Goodley and Tim Corcoran

Part I: Reflexive Foundationalism: Critical Psychological Resources   14
2 Psychology and Education: Unquestionable goods 15
Ansgar Allan
3 Ontological constructionism 27
Tim Corcoran
4 What use is a story? Narrative, in practice 37
Penny Fogg
5 Postconventionalism: Towards a Productive Critical Educational Psychology 49
Dan Goodley
6 Psychoanalysis 59
Antony Williams

Part II: Ethics and Values and their implications for Practice 69
7 Critical educational psychology and disability studies: Theoretical, practical and empirical allies 70
Dan Goodley and Tom Billington
8 Thinking critically about professional ethics 89
Pat Bennett
9 The Ethical Demand in an Impossible Profession 99
Niall Devlin
10 EP becoming phronimos: the virtue of phronêsis in educational psychology 112     
Daniela Mercieca and Duncan P. Mercieca
11 Traversing the expert non-expert binary: the fluid and contested nature of expertise 122
Catherine Beal
12 Joining the Q: What Q methodology offers to a critical educational psychology 134
Martin Hughes
13 Are we all psychologists now? 145
Antony Williams   
Part III: Putting critical psychological resources to work in Educational Psychology   153
14  Epidemic or psychiatrization? Children’s mental health in a global context 154
China Mills
15 The Teacher’s Role in Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellbeing 165
Helen Monkman
16 Towards Restorative Justice 177
 Vicki Harold
17  Faith and Educational Psychology: Empowering Islamic Perspectives of Muslim Parents 189                               Samana Saxton
18  Gender, Non-normativity and Young Women who have been Excluded 199
Dawn Bradley
19 A Mindful Educational Psychology Practice 209                                                              
Sahaja Davis
20 Some Reflections on Educational Psychology Practice 218
 Majid Khoshkhoo
21 Finding attunement and promoting positive attachments 228                                            
Kathryn Pomerantz
22 Social Theatre for Social Change: The Relevance of Performance Art in Educational Psychology  239                     Nick Hammond
23 ‘Being’ dyslexic in higher education: reflections on discourse and identity 250
Harriet Cameron
24  A future? Why educational psychologists should engage with a critical neuroscience  260                                   Tom Billington