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Critical Issues for Student Affairs: Challenges and Opportunities

Critical Issues for Student Affairs: Challenges and Opportunities

Arthur Sandeen, Margaret J. Barr

ISBN: 978-1-118-93485-2

Mar 2014, Jossey-Bass

256 pages



Student affairs is now part of the management and administrative structure of almost every college and university in the United States. Professional staff working under the banner of student affairs are engaged in a wide variety of educational, support, and service functions. Measured by almost any standard, today’s student affairs profession has never been stronger. There are still, however, a number of critical issues that must be debated and discussed if the student affairs profession is to move forward in the years ahead.

Critical Issues for Student Affairs identifies the most vital issues currently confronting the student affairs profession. Each chapter in this important volume focuses on a specific issue and presents a background, a summary of related research and writing, an examination of the issue, related references, and a list of suggestions for further discussion.

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Preface ix

About the Authors xv

1. What Is the Foundation of Student Affairs? 1

2. Where Should Student Affairs Be Placed Within the Organizational Structure of the Institution? 29

3. How Should Student Affairs Help Students Learn About Diversity? 49

4. How Can Student Affairs Attract and Retain a Diverse Staff? 67

5. How Do Sources of Revenue Affect Student Affairs? 93

6. What Is the Role of Student Affairs in Non-traditional Educational Settings? 107

7. What Is the Role of Student Affairs in Assessment? 131

8. Who Has Responsibility for the Lives of Students? 155

9. How Should Professional Associations Serve Student Affairs? 181

References 201

Name Index 225

Subject Index 231