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Critical Issues in Global Health



Critical Issues in Global Health

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Critical Issues in Global Health is an outstanding compAndium of knowledge and thought--from a distinguished panel of internationally renowned medical and public health experts--that offers insight into the most important health issues facing our world's populations. The volume's individual contributors represent a wide range of prestigious health organizations and institutions including the World Health Organization, National Academy of Sciences, Kellogg and Rockefeller Foundations, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and the American Public Health Association. Edited by C. Everett Koop, Clarence E. Pearson, and M. Roy Schwarz, these never-before-published essays explore the future of international health and explain what will be required in order to provide adequate health and medical care worldwide, especially for underdeveloped countries.

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Jimmy Carter


C. Everett Koop

Part One -Countries, Continents, And The World

1 The Future Of The World's Health

Gro Harlem Brundtland

2 Africa

Adetokunbo O. Lucas

3 Latin America And The Caribbean

George A. O. Alleyne

4 Eastern Mediterranean Region

Hussein A. Gezairy

5 Europe

Jo E. Asvall, Richard Alderslade

6 Western Pacific

Shigeru Omi

7 People's Republic Of China

Zhang Wenkang, M. Roy Schwarz

8 India

V. Ramalingaswami

9 Russian Federation

Jack W. Lesar, Yuri M. Komarov, Rafael G. Oganov,

Robert W. Porter

10 United States

J. Michael Mcginnis

11 Mexico

Juan Ramón De La Fuente, Fernando Alvarez Del Rio, Roberto Tapia-Conyer, A. Rodrigo Ares De Parga

12 Canada

Irving Rootman, Trevor Hancock

Part Two -The Organizational Landscape In Global Health

13 Infectious Diseases

William H. Foege

14 Chronic Disease

James S. Marks, David V. Mcqueen

15 Mental Health

Eugene B. Brody

16 Tropical Diseases

Joseph A. Cook

17 The Outlook For Eradicating AIDS

Seth F. Berkley

18 -Future Worldwide Health Effects Of Current

Smoking Patterns 154

Richard Peto, Alan D. Lopez

19 Tobacco Control

Derek Yach

20 Environmental And Occupational Health

Bernard D. Goldstein

21 Environmental Health

Anthony J. Mcmichael, Alistair Woodward

22 Family And Reproductive Health

Allan Rosenfield, Elizabeth Tyler Crone

23 Maternal And Child Health

Pierre Buekens, J. T. Boerma

24 Midwifery

Judith P. Rooks, Ruth Watson Lubic

25 Building The Capacity Of Schools To Improve Health

Lloyd J. Kolbe, Jack T. Jones, Isolde Birdthistle,

Cheryl Vince Whitman

26 Women's Health

Adrienne Germain

27 Undernutrition

Barbara A. Underwood

28 The Nutritional Crisis To Come

W.P.T. James

29 Population And Health

Joseph Chamie

30 Interpersonal Violence

Lee Ann Hoff

31 Terrorism

Jessica Eve Stern

32 Urban Health

Jeremiah A. Barondess

33 Biomedical Research In The Next Century

Bruce Alberts

34 The Role And Potential Of Health Services Research

Gordon H. Defriese

35 Reinventing Medicine And Public Health

Kenneth I. Shine

36 Integrative Medicine

Andrew T. Weil

37 -Health Promotion, Health Education, And Disease Prevention

Lawrence W. Green, C. James Frankish

38 The Role Of Communication And Advertising

Thomas P. Lom

39 -Effective Communication As The Path To Ideal Health

Scott C. Ratzan

40 Changes Associated With Aging

Knight Steel

41 -The Relationship Between Oceans And Human Health

James D. Watkins, Anwar Huq

42 Careers In Public Health And Medical Care

Alexander H. Williams III

Part Three -Organizations, Management, Leadership, And Partnerships

43 -Shaping The Future Of Health Through Global Partnerships

William C. Richardson, John P. Allegrante

44 The Role Of Governments

Richard G. A. Feachem

45 The Role Of Business

William C. Steere Jr.

46 The Role Of The Nonprofit Sector

Kumi Naidoo

47 Business In Partnership With The Nonprofit Sector

Ralph S. Larsen

48 -The Nonprofit Sector In Partnership With Government

Nils Daulaire

49 Philanthropy And Global Health Equity

Lincoln C. Chen, Timothy G. Evans, Margaret E. Wirth

50 The Role Of Public Health Associations

Mohammad N. Akhter

51 The Mandate: Transformational Leadership

Gary L. Filerman, Clarence E. Pearson

"The book would make an excellent reference..." (Annals of Pharmacotherapy, April 2003)

" an excellent overview for those with an interest in improving global health." (New England Journal of Medicine, August 28, 2003)