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Critical Marketing: Issues in Contemporary Marketing

Critical Marketing: Issues in Contemporary Marketing

Mark Tadajewski (Editor), Douglas Brownlie (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51200-5

May 2008

414 pages


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Focusing on a new and developing field, this text provides an overview of the development of marketing thought and the emergence of critical marketing. It covers a range of topics important to a critical marketing or contemporary issues in marketing course, including a number of topics (e.g. postcolonialism and marketing) previously not examined in detail in marketing.     
Acknowledgements xi

Chapter 1 Critical Marketing: A Limit Attitude 1
Mark Tadajewski and Douglas Brownlie

Chapter 2 Rethinking the Development of Marketing 29
Mark Tadajewski and Douglas Brownlie

Chapter 3 Prejudice V. Marketing? An Examination of some Historical Sources 33
Donald F. Dixon

Chapter 4 Early Development of the Philosophy of Marketing Thought 45
D.G. Brian Jones and David D. Monieson

Chapter 5 Consumer Sovereignty, Democracy, and the Marketing Concept: A Macromarketing Perspective 67
Donald F. Dixon

Chapter 6 Critical Reflections on Consumer Research 85
Mark Tadajewski and Douglas Brownlie

Chapter 7 Remembering Motivation Research: Toward an Alternative Genealogy of Interpretive Consumer Research 91
Mark Tadajewski

Chapter 8 Evolution, Biology and Consumer Research: What Darwin Knew that We’ve Forgotten 131
Elizabeth C. Hirschman

Chapter 9 Ethnopsychology: A Return to Reason in Consumer Behaviour 157
John O'Shaughnessy

Chapter 10 Marketing and Society 183
Mark Tadajewski and Douglas Brownlie

Chapter 11 Marketing, the Consumer Society and Hedonism 187
John O'Shaughnessy and Nicholas Jackson O’Shaughnessy

Chapter 12 Antiglobal Challenges to Marketing in Developing Countries: Exploring the Ideological Divide 211
Terrence H. Witkowski

Chapter 13 On Negotiating the Market? 245
Mark Tadajewski and Douglas Brownlie

Chapter 14 Sustainable Marketing 253
Ynte K. van Dam and Paul A.C. Apeldoorn

Chapter 15 An Ecofeminist Analysis of Environmentally Sensitive Women Using Qualitative Methodology: The Emancipatory Potential of an Ecological Life 271
Susan Dobscha and Julie L. Ozanne

Chapter 16 Past Postmodernism? 301
Mark Tadajewski and Douglas Brownlie

Chapter 17 Introspection as Critical Marketing Thought, Critical Marketing Thought as Introspection 311
Stephen J. Gould

Chapter 18 The Function of Cultural Studies in Marketing: A New Administrative Science? 329
Adam Arvidsson

Chapter 19 Thinking through Theory: Materialising the Oppositional Imagination 345
Pauline Maclaran and Lorna Stevens

Chapter 20 Postcolonialism and Marketing 363
Gavin Jack

Index 385

  • Includes seminal journal articles that marketing academics find hard to obtain
  • Also contains original commentary from leading academics in the critical marketing field
  • With the increasing emphasis on the need to view marketing practice in its wider political, cultural and social context and the desirability of studying the impact of marketing from multiple perspectives (e.g. managers, consumers and citizens), there is currently no single text that fills this gap from a distinctly critical approach