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Critical Path Methods in Construction Practice, 4th Edition



Critical Path Methods in Construction Practice, 4th Edition

James M. Antill, Ronald W. Woodhead

ISBN: 978-0-471-62057-0 January 1991 448 Pages


An updated and revised edition of the standard work on the use of critical path methods (CPM) in the construction industry. Describes the mechanics and procedures of CPM in construction planning and works control and demonstrates its application to large and small projects alike. Emphasis is not on the mathematics--the stress here is on the solution of problems commonly encountered in construction practice.
Critical Path Method Procedures and Terminology.

The Network Diagram and Utility Data.

Network Calculations I: Critical Paths and Floats.

Network Calculations II: Simple Compression.

Network Calculations III: Complex Compression andDecompression.

Network Calculations IV: Scheduling and Resource Leveling.

Practical Planning with Critical Path Methods.

Project Control with Critical Path Methods.

Financial Planning and Cost Control.

Evaluation of Work Changes and Delays.

Attitudes, Responsibilities, and Duties.

Computer-Aided CPM.

Selection of Technique.

Integrated Project Development and Management.

CPM, a Systems Concept.