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Criticism and Compassion: The Ethics and Politics of Claudia Card

Criticism and Compassion: The Ethics and Politics of Claudia Card

Robin S. Dillon, Armen T. Marsoobian

ISBN: 978-1-119-46305-4

Apr 2018

360 pages


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Criticism and Compassion: The Ethics and Politics of Claudia Card offers a unique perspective on the range of issues explored by Card during her distinguished career in philosophy.
  • Investigates her work as an early leader in the development of feminist philosophy, challenging many preconceptions about the society’s norms regarding gender, marriage, and motherhood
  • Crossing many disciplinary boundaries, her concept of social death has come to play a significant role in multidisciplinary field of genocide studies
  • This volume combines many of Claudia Card’s important essays with recently commissioned essays by leading philosophers whose work has been influenced by Card
  • The full scope of Card’s philosophy is presented here - both in her own words and those of her critics and interpreters

Notes on Contributors
Introduction (Armen T. Marsoobian and Robin S. Dillon)
Part One:  War, Genocide and Evil
1. Rape as a Weapon of War (Claudia Card)
2. Addendum to “Rape as a Weapon of War” (Claudia Card)
3. Stoicism, Evil, and the Possibility of Morality (Claudia Card)
4. Women, Evil, and Grey Zones (Claudia Card)
5. Genocide and Social Death (Claudia Card)
6. The Paradox of Genocidal Rape Aimed at Enforced Pregnancy (Claudia Card)
7. Surviving Long-Term Mass Atrocities (Claudia Card)
8. Perpetrators and Social Death: A Cautionary Tale (Lynne Tirrell)
9. Claudia Card's Concept of Social Death: A New Way of Looking at Genocide (James Snow)
10. Surviving Evils and the Problem of Agency: An Essay Inspired by the Work of Claudia Card (Diana Tietjens Meyers)
11. Institutional Evils, Culpable Complicity, and Duties to Engage in Moral Repair (Eliana Peck and Ellen K. Feder)
Part Two: Feminist Ethical Theory and Its Applications
1. Against Marriage and Motherhood (Claudia Card)
2. Gay Divorce: Thoughts on the Legal Regulation of Marriage (Claudia Card)
3. Challenges of Global and Local Misogyny (Claudia Card)
4. Taking Pride in Being Bad (Claudia Card)
5. Hate Crime Legislation Reconsidered (Marcia Baron)
6. Misplaced Gratitude and the Ethics of Oppression (Robin May Schott)
7. The Challenges of Extreme Moral Stress: Claudia Card's Contributions to the Formation of Nonideal Ethical Theory (Kathryn J. Norlock)
8. Radical Moral Imagination and Moral Luck (Mavis Biss)
9. The American Girl: Playing with the Wrong Dollie? (Victoria Davion)