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Crop Variety Trials: Data Management and Analysis

Crop Variety Trials: Data Management and Analysis

Weikai Yan

ISBN: 978-1-118-68856-4 March 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 360 Pages




Variety trials are an essential step in crop breeding and production. These trials are a significant investment in time and resources and inform numerous decisions from cultivar development to end-use.  Crop Variety Trials: Methods and Analysis is a practical volume that provides valuable theoretical foundations as well as a guide to step-by-step implementation of effective trial methods and analysis in determining the best varieties and cultivars.

Crop Variety Trials is divided into two sections. The first section provides the reader with a sound theoretical framework of variety evaluation and trial analysis. Chapters provide insights into the theories of quantitative genetics and principles of analyzing data. The second section of the book gives the reader with a practical step-by-step guide to accurately analyzing crop variety trial data. Combined these sections provide the reader with fuller understanding of the nature of variety trials, their objectives, and user-friendly database and statistical tools that will enable them to produce accurate analysis of data.

Preface vi

Chapter 1 Theoretical Framework for Crop Variety Trials 1

Chapter 2 An Overview of Variety Trial Data and Analyses 23

Chapter 3 Introduction to Biplot Analysis 31

Chapter 4 Data Centering for Biplot Analysis 51

Chapter 5 Data Scaling and Weighting for GGE Biplot Analysis 75

Chapter 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Biplot Analysis 91

Chapter 7 Single-Trial Data Analysis 107

Chapter 8 Genotype-by-Location Two-Way Data Analysis 133

Chapter 9 Genotype-by-Trait Data Analysis and Decision-Making 163

Chapter 10 Trait Association-by-Environment Two-Way Table Analysis 187

Chapter 11 Location-by-Trait Two-Way Data Analysis 199

Chapter 12 Mega-environment Analysis Based on Multiyear Data 207

Chapter 13 Test Location Evaluation Based on Multiyear Data 231

Chapter 14 Genotype Evaluation Based on Multiyear Data 255

Chapter 15 Building and Utilizing a Relational Database for Crop Variety Trial Data 279

Chapter 16 Experimental Design for Variety Trials and Breeding Nurseries 295

Chapter 17 Modules and Functions in GGEbiplot 315

Chapter 18 Conclusions 341

References 345

Index 349

“Overall, in my opinion, Crop Variety Trials: Data Management and Analysisis a highly useful practical manual of MET data management and data analysis techniques. The use of GGE biplot software developed by the author has been amply demonstrated with examples.”  (Crop Science, 1 November 2014)