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Cross- Functional Teams : Working with Allies, Enemies, and Other Strangers, Completely Revised and Updated

Cross- Functional Teams : Working with Allies, Enemies, and Other Strangers, Completely Revised and Updated

Glenn M. Parker

ISBN: 978-1-119-12462-7

Mar 2015, Jossey-Bass

336 pages



In this completely revised version of his best-selling book, Cross-Functional Teams: Working with Allies, Enemies, and Strangers, author and consultant Glenn Parker updates his definitive practical guide to include his recent work in team rewards and recognition, communications technology, and multicultural and virtual-team issues. This new edition contains fresh examples and additional case studies of successful cross-functional teams from IBM, Parke-Davis, Xerox, Boeing, BOC Gases, government agencies, and more. Parker offers concrete advice and inspiration to team leaders, team members, and senior management. Cross-Functional Teams delivers a team operating manual to executives, team leaders, human resource professionals, and students of organizational behavior and provides a tool kit of assessment surveys, worksheets, checklists, and even sample training programs to help launch and sustain effective teams.

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The Author.

1. The World of Cross-Functional Teams.

2. The Competitive Advantages of Cross-Functional Teams.

3. Overcoming Barriers and Obstacles to Teamwork.

4. Leading Cross-Functional Teams: It's a Tough Job!

5. Empowering Teams to Do the Job.

6. Setting Goals for Shared Commitments.

7. Building Bridges Outside the Team.

8. Appraising Teamwork and Team Members.

9. Team Pay for Team Play.

10. Learning as a Team Event.

11. Team Size: Small Is Beautiful.

12. The Team Working Together.

13. Management's Role in Building a Team-Based Organization.

14. Jump-Starting the Change to Cross-Functional Teams.

Resources for Cross-Functional Teamwork.

Fighting the Forces of Evil.

Case Study One: Creating the Climate for Cross-Functional Teams.

Case Study Two: A Virtual Cross-Functional Team Story.

Case Study Three: A Network of Cross-Functional.

Teams Responds to the 9/11 Crisis Case Study Four: A Permanent Cross-Functional.

Team in the Public Sector Survey of Cross-Functional Teamwork.