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Cross-Scale Coupling in Space Plasmas

Cross-Scale Coupling in Space Plasmas

James L. Horwitz (Editor), Nagendra Singh (Editor), James L. Burch (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66427-8

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

306 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 93.

A principal goal of space plasma researchers is to understand the influence of various transport processes on each other, even when such processes operate at widely varying spatial and temporal scales. We know that large-scale plasma flows in space lead to unstable conditions with small spatial (centimeters to meters) and temporal (microseconds to seconds) scales. The large-scale flows, for example in the magnetosphere-ionosphere system, involve scale lengths of kilometers to several Earth radii and temporal scales of minutes to hours. We must know specific contextual answers to the questions: Do the small-scale waves (microprocesses) modify the large-scale flows? Do these modifications significantly affect the transport of mass, momentum, and energy? How can such coupling processes and their influences be revealed observationally? And, perhaps most challenging of all, how do we incorporate the microprocesses into theoretical models of larger-scale space plasma transport?

James L. Horwitz, Nagendra Singh, and James L. Burch xi

General Issues and Methods in Micro/Mesoscale Coupling

Can We Find Useful Algorithms for Anomalous Transport?
C. T. Dum 1

An Upper Bound for the Proton Temperature Anisotropy
S. Peter Gary 13

Interrelationship of Local and Global Physics in the Low Altitude Ionosphere
G. Ganguli 23

Microscale Effects From Global Hot Plasma Imagery
T. E. Moore, M. C. Fok, J. D. Perez, and J.P. Keady 37

Developmenot f NonMaxwe!!ianV elocityD istributionsa s a Consequencoef Nonlocal Coulomb
G. R. Wilson 47

Modeling of Spatial and Temporal Scales in Turbulent Flows and Their Relevance to Space Plasma
Ram K. Avva and Ashok K. Singhal 61

Regional Particle Simulations and Global Two-Fluid Modeling of the Magnetospheric Current
R. M. Winglee 71

Frequency Range and Spectral Width of Waves Associated With Transverse-Velocity Shear
V. Gavrishchaka, M. E. Koepke, J. J. Carroll III, W. E. Amatucci, and G. Ganguli 81

Micro/Mesoscale Coupling in Auroral and Polar Wind Plasma Phenomena

Micro/Mesoscale Coupling in the Auroral Region: Observations
J. L. Burch 87

Semikinetic Simulation of Effects of Ionization by Precipitating Auroral Electrons on Ionospheric
Plasma Transport
D. G. Brown, P. G. Richards, J. L. Horwitz, and G. R. Wilson 97

High Latitude Outflow of Centrifugally Accelerated Ions Through the Collisional/Collisionless
Transition Region
C. W. Ho, J. L. Horwitz, G. R. Wilson, and D. G. Brown 105

Observations of Lower-Hybrid Spikelet Phenomena: Topaz3 Particle Data
Kristina A. Lynch, Roger L. Arnoldy, and Paul M. Kintner 111

Effects of Auroral Electron Precipitation on Topside Ion Outflows
Phil G. Richards 121

Fine Scale Auroral Beams and Conics
J. D. Perez, Chao Liu, Lynn Lawson, and T. E. Moore  127

Anisotropic Kinetic Effects of Photoelectronos on Polar Wind Transport
Sunny W. Y. Tam, Fareed Yasseen, Tom Chang, Supriya B. Ganguli, and John M. Retterer 133

Coupling of Micro- and Mesoscale Processes in the Polar Wind Plasma Transport: A Generalized
Fluid Model With Microprocesses
Supriya B. Ganguli 141

Single Ion Dynamics and Multiscale Phenomena
P. L. Rothwell, M. B. Silevitch, Lars P. Block, and Carl-Gunne Fiiltharnrnar 151

Micro/Mesoscale Coupling in Plasmaspheric Phenomena

Problems in Simulating Ion Temperatures in Low Density Flux Tubes
R. H. Comfort, P. G. Richards, P. D. Craven, and M. O. Chandler 155

Ring Current-P!asmasphere Coupling Through Coulomb Collisions
Mei-Ching Fok, Paul D. Craven, Thomas E. Moore, and Philip G. Richards 161

Plasmasphere Modeling With Ring Current Heating
S. M. Guiter, M.-C. Fok, and T. E. Moore 173

Equatorial Warm Ion Thermalization by Coulomb Collisions With Cool Outer Plasmaspheric Ions
Jinsoo Lee, J. L. Horwitz:, G. R. Wilson, J. Lin, and D. G. Brown 177

Nonsteady State Coupling Processes in Superthermal Electron Transport
M. W. Liernohn and G. V. Khazanov 181

Micro/Mesoscale Coupling in Middle Magnetospheric Phenomena

Proton Cyclotron Wave-Ion Interactions Observed by AMPTE/CCE
Brian J. Anderson 193

Aspects of Mesoscale Phenomenain the Middle Magnetosphere and Speculations on the Role of
Microscale Processes
Barry H. Mauk 201

Relative Contribution of the Solar Wind and the Auroral Zone to Near-Earth Plasmas
Vahe Peroornian and Maha Ashour-Abdalla 213

Micro/Mesoscale Coupling in Dayside Magnetopause Phenomena

Coupling Between Microscalea nd Mesoscale Processes in the Dayside Magnetosheath,
Magnetopause, and Boundary Layer Regions
L. C. Lee and J. G. Hawkins 219

Micro/Mesoscale Phenomena in the Dayside Magnetopause: A Tutorial
Paul Song 235

Anomalous Plasma Diffusion Due to Kinetic Alfven Wave Fluctuations at the Dayside Magnetopause
Manju Prakash 249

Structure of ReconnectionL ayers at the Magnetopause and in the Magnetotail
Y. Lin  255

Micro/Mesoscale Coupling in Magnetotail Phenomena

Micro/Mesoscale Coupling in Magnetotail Current Sheet: Observations
A. T. Y. Lui 261

The Role of Microprocesseisn Macroscale Magnetotail Dynamics
Joachim Birn, Michael Hesse, and S. Peter Gary 275

Irreducible Cross-Scale Coupling in the Magnetotail Current Sheet: A Tutorial
J. B. Harold and J. Chen 287

Ion Energization and Cross-Scale Coupling During Magnetotail Reconnection
George R. Burkhart  299