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Crystal-Liquid-Gas Phase Transitions and Thermodynamic Similarity



Crystal-Liquid-Gas Phase Transitions and Thermodynamic Similarity

Vladimir P. Skripov, Mars Z. Faizullin

ISBN: 978-3-527-60752-5 December 2006 183 Pages


Professor Skripov obtained worldwide recognition with his monograph "Metastable liquids", published in English by Wiley & Sons.
Based upon this work and another monograph published only in Russia, this book investigates the behavior of melting line and the properties of the coexisting crystal and liquid phase of simple substances across a wide range of pressures, including metastable states of the coexisting phases. The authors derive new relations for the thermodynamic similarity for liquid-vapour phase transition, as well as describing solid-liquid, liquid-vapor and liquid-liquid phase transitions for binary systems employing the novel methodology of thermodynamic similarity.
Liquid-Gas Phase Transitions
Crystal-Liquid Phase Transitions
Phase Transitions in Solutions