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Crystallography and Crystal Defects, 3rd Edition

Crystallography and Crystal Defects, 3rd Edition

Kevin M. Knowles, Anthony Kelly

ISBN: 978-1-119-42017-0

Sep 2020

600 pages


Fully updated and expanded, this new edition of a classic text presents a unified approach to crystallography and to the defects found within crystals.

The third edition of Crystallography and Crystal Defects maintains the principal objective of previous editions; to communicate the modern concepts of crystallography in a clear, succinct, manner and to put these concepts into use in the description of line and planar defects in crystalline materials, quasicrystals and crystal interfaces. In this new edition several topics have been extended considerably and new topics introduced, including:

• Additional discussion on elasticity of cubic materials
• Expanded content on texture, giving more detail of Euler angles, orientation distribution functions and more discussion on examples of textures in engineering materials.
• Addition to the content on dislocations in materials of symmetry lower than cubic.
• A greater discussion on the morphology and growth of deformation twinning and the inclusion and explanation of results from atomistic modelling of twin boundaries.
• An increased discussion on the formal phenomenological crystallography of martensitic transformations and a new discussion of other modern theories such as the widely cited Ball and James nonlinear theory of martensitic transformations.

The existing chapter on crystal interfaces has been divided into two new chapters, one on surfaces and grain boundaries, which will include more detail on atomistic modelling of grain boundaries, and one on interphase boundaries. Additional crystallography is included to enable readers to understand more advanced concepts such as crystallographic aspects of precipitates in matrices, while still being at a level of readership of advanced undergraduate / graduate.

Reinforcing its unrivalled position as the core text for teaching crystallography and crystal defects, each chapter includes problem sets, and new questions have been added in this new edition where appropriate. Detailed worked solutions, supplementary lecture material and computer programs for crystallographic calculations are provided online.

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